VITAM AETERNAM – The Self-aware Frequency

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Crime Records
Released: 2020
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Band Line Up

Jake Rosenburg:  Keyboard, Piano, Programming & Sampling
Rahoola: Vox, Choir, Keyboard, Piano, Orechestration, Programming & Sound Design
Andre Aaslie: Piano, Orchestration, Moog & Mellotron

  1. Born
  2. Coward
  3. Becoming
  4. Human
  5. Arising
  6. Death
  7. God Machine
  8. Transcending
  9. Viral Idea

Vitam Aeternam takes us on an adventure with their album The Self-aware Frequency. A story that follows an unnamed character as they appear to question their own mortality; the music itself being the reality which the character is a part of.

This album is unique and something I really enjoyed listening to. I didn’t feel like I was just listening to music, I was encompassed by the sounds that filled my ears, invested in the character and the world that was presented to me. The music itself felt like a horror movie score or something that belongs as a Tim Burton soundtrack. As I made my way through the songs I found myself more intrigued, completely drawn in by the creepy yet beautiful thing I was witnessing.

The first track “Born” grabbed my attention from the first second it had begun. A spooky music box intro leading into an almost fairytale-like piano piece which was spliced with horror. From this first moment, I knew I was listening to something special. It was like nothing I have ever heard before.

My favourite track is the second one “Coward.” Entering into the song I was met with crackling static over a piano letting me know that the horror story was to continue. Then followed the vocals which reminded me of a classic rock sound but if you mixed that with the scariest movie character. As if this song hadn’t given me enough, the epic guitar joined soon after; overlapped with pained vocals giving me goosebumps as my jaw practically hit the floor. This song was like a build-up inviting me to fall deeper into the story.

By the time track seven “God Machine” came I was fully immersed in the world that had been created. The line “My mind knows somethings wrong” telling me that the character is once again questioning what is happening around them. I found myself rooting for this character as I believe they are someone almost all of us can relate to. Feeling lost and not understanding what is happening around you is a very common feeling, especially with the state of our world today.

Within this album, there are a lot of guest appearances, such as: Bor Zoljan (Devil Doll), Oyvind “Mutis” Mustaparta (ex Dimmu Borgir), Juan Manuel Flores (Cuarteto Cromano), Goran Setitus (Omnia Moritur, ex Setherial), Alasdair Dunn (Athenspire), Przemyslaw Kajnat (Eternal Deformity, Allone) and Lotti Wood (Woodwindz).

Overall I would definitely recommend this album to anyone. It’s something so different and encapturing, like watching a movie in the form of music. When it ended I just wanted more, I didn’t want to leave the world I had been surrounded with. I believe this is an album I could go back and listen to time and time again, and each time find something new and exciting within, whether that be discovering a new piece of the story or the intricate music. I have completely fallen in love with this project.

Review by: Kayleigh McKenzie