Humanity Is Cancer – Humanity Is Cancer

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Redefining Darkness Records
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Band Line Up

Noah Buchanan: Bass & Vocals
Michael Wilson: Lead Guitar
Thomas Haywood: Guitar
Lyle Cooper: Drums


01. Cancer Is Humanity (A Future of Violence & Death)
02. Harlot
03. The Punishment Due
04. Beyond Salvation


Humanity Is Cancer’s self-titled EP was written back in 2014/2015, yet feels very relevant being released in 2020 and acting as a reflection of society the band conveys an important message about the state of our world.

The first track on the EP Cancer Is Humanity welcomes the listener with heavy guitar and drums, also containing a catchy chorus this song had me headbanging in my chair. As the song reaches its end you are met with a distorted voice which adds an eerie feeling to the vibe of this EP. This same voice is also found at the end of the second track as well. I think that this helps engage the listener as it is unexpected and interesting.

Harlot, the second track on the EP, is definitely my favourite. It gave me the feeling of being at a festival with my friends and wanting to jump up and join a moshpit. Nearing the end of the song the vocals that are used almost in the background really caught my attention, pulling me further into the music and world of Humanity Is Cancer.

The downside I found to this EP was that as much as I enjoyed the songs, I didn’t think there was anything particularly special about them. For me, it was like listening to any other heavy metal artist. By the last song, I did find myself zoning out slightly instead of being as fully engaged as I was at the start.

Overall this is a good EP, and it is something I would recommend listening to if you’re a big metal fan. I did really enjoy the first two tracks but overall the EP isn’t something I would go out of my way to listen to. For me, it was the kind of album that I would add to a playlist and enjoy the songs when they occasionally come up.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie