Beltez – A Grey Chill and a Whisper

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Avantgarde Music
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

C.U. – Bass
S.K. -Vocals, Guitar
J.K. – Vocals, Guitar
M.P. – Vocals
Sebastian – Drums


1. In Apathy And In Slumber
2. The City Lies In Utter Silence
3. Black Banners
4. A Taste Of Utter Extinction
5. The Unwedded Widow
6. From Sorrow Into Darkness
7. A Grey Chill And A Whisper
8. I May Be Damned But At Least I’ve Found You
9. We Remember To Remember


“A Grey Chill and a Whisper” is the fourth album by German black metal outfit Beltez, a band with over 18 years on the road, and if you want a wide and fruitful vision of contemporary black metal – both depressive or regular- this is absolutely the band to go to.

Where do I begin with this new tome? It starts with a soundbite from the audiobook “Black Banners,” which accompanies the album and is read by Dan Capp of Winterfylleth. From there the album is like a hail of arrows to the neck as the opening onslaught “The City Lies in Utter Silence,” ironically drowns the ears in an ocean of delightful noise.

Vocalist M.P. sounds like a dying soul clinging onto the last breath and the guitars are a buzzsaw blaze of stringed glory; cutting deep into the bone. Beltez showcase an extreme velocity in their tracks which had me smiling in seconds as I was expecting another slow and painstaking DSBM release.

Further down the album we enough soothing melancholia that guts the harrowed mind of all sorrow and mental woes like a fisherman gutting a dead manatee. Here we have an album that goes for the proverbial jugular and has all your hardships dead in seconds, signifying that Beltez are the band to go to when you need your sorrows blown away.

My personal favourite of this album was “A Taste of Utter Extinction,” because its chord progressions reminded me a tad of Windir and several other underrated black metal acts from Europe and beyond. I would recommend this album to anyone who digs Deadspace and is a fan of black metal that deals with contemporary topics like urban decay or the mundanities of modern life that can lead the human psyche into madness.

Beltez are veterans of their sound and have delivered a piece of artistic bliss that is suiting both black metal fans and fans of dark-themed short stories in their accompanying audiobook. Check this one out if you love music and dark fiction equally.

Review by Demitri Levantis