(Damn) This Desert Air – Nebulosity

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: https://www.engineerrecords.com/
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://damnthisdesertair.bigcartel.com/
Band Website: http://www.damnthisdesertair.com/

Band Line-Up:

Mike Wolff : vocals
Dan Cav : bass guitar
Craig Cirinelli : microphone
Ti Kreck : drums
Shawn Reams : guitar, keys


01. Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis)
02. Reach
03. Lonely Train
04. Cauterize


(Damn) This Desert Air hail from ‘Stone Pony’ territory, New Jersey & New York, where everyone has a story about when they met The Boss, or someone from Bon Jovi. This band certainly displays some of the influences from both of those legends, but without losing their own identity. Officially their fourth offering, although it has been seven long years since their last album ‘Pyramids’, here are three ballsy rock tracks and a pensive, melancholy softer tune to finish.

The band emerged back in 2007, with further releases in 2010 and 2013; they are classed as post-hardcore but don’t write them off as a one trick pony, this music stretches beyond those boundaries, and reveals there is much more to this band than one style. Mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios, who also worked with The Dillinger Escape Plan among others.

First track, and lead single ‘Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis)’, is a mix of heavy and melodic: the imagery is vivid, the lyrics a metaphor, it goes first one way, then another, pulling the listener in a variety of directions musically. This is a big sound, with strong riffs. ‘Reach’ is very different, it has a rock heart, it’s power rock, and it certainly would fit in the music scene down on New Jersey’s boardwalk. The vocals soar at times, lifting the song, while at other times are soft and emotive. Sprinteenesque ‘Lonely Train’ follows, a track that screams to be played live on a big stage with pounding drums, vocal effects and strong rhythms, driving the energy that thrills the listener. Last of all is a much more mellow, acoustic guitar led track. ‘Cauterize’ has a gentle flow, vocals hushed and a sadness to the whole song, that speaks of an ending.

These four tracks effectively showcase what the band is capable of, a reminder, after so long away, and hopefully a taste of more to come in the near future.

Review By Lisa Nash