Septicflesh Complete Children’s Choir Recordings for Forthcoming Album

Fantastic news from Greek’s most promising symphonic death metal export: SEPTICFLESH took another huge step in completing the recordings of their upcoming studio album.


The children choir recordings for the new record are done – adding a unique vibe to the album as the band states:

“The children choir recordings for the new Septicflesh album have been completed with the very good collaboration of the Libro Coro. So you can expect some really emotional parts on the songs, that thrive on the contrast of the angelic voices with the musical pandemonium surrounding them.”

Septicflesh are:

Seth (brutal vocals, bass)
Christos Antoniou (guitars, orchestral parts)
Sotiris V. (guitars, clean vocals)
Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (drums)

Visit Septicflesh online:

Watch the Studio Teaser here: