Ataraxia – Quasar

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Annapurna
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Francesca Nicoli – vocal, flute, recorder
Vittorio Vandelli – guitars, percussion, vocal
Giovanni Pagliari – keys, vocal
Riccardo Spaggiari – percussion, vocal


1. Iniziazione
2. Nebula
3. Oneness
4. Sex Is A Prayer
5. Radiance
6. The Timeless
7. Beyondness
8. Timeline Collapse


Aligned with longtime fans Annapurna, Ataraxia celebrates 30 years of activity with the publication of the new album Quasar. If you want to get on a space journey with the epic mix of contemporary and traditional music – this is absolutely the band to go to.

The album concept is built around the number of seven as a symbol of Grace and a representation of colours of the rainbow. Each song of the album has a colour associated with it, along with an archangel, who leads the listener through the space of sound.

The album starts with the Iniziazione which is the longest song of them all and leads into the beautiful sound of ethereal rhythms. The combination of religious and philosophical strongly reminded me of Era’s golden tracks which is indeed a satisfying nostalgic throwback. Another pleasant surprise, that exists in the whole album, according to the band, is the Silmarillion and generally Tolkienish motive and influences that can be interpreted through both lyrics and instrumental.


The combination of these two factors and the very relaxing but meaningful sound definitely made Iniziazione and Nebula my favorites from the album. A more powerful and religious motive in playing and singing comes with Oneness – a song that represents Archangel Michael, the power of fire and unites the duality of light and shadows.

Overall, the other songs support the general idea and motive of the Quazar, having their own unique features in each track and sound very pleasant to the ear. Though, it feels hard to follow the concept throughout the entire length of these 8-minute songs which makes careful listening quite tiring.

The song Beyondness, which is the ending of the album, though impressed me with its ambient, epic instrumental, sudden and major changes in sound and rhythm that makes it sound more interesting to follow. The bonus track – Timeline Collapse – sounds like an accompaniment to Beyondness; a prayer during the incredible space journey that the final song gives.

I would definitely recommend this album if you are looking for something deeply meaningful and philosophical combined with an interesting and pleasant sound.

Review by Lana Likhacheva