Rating: 4/5
Label: SharpTone Records
Released: 2020
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Dana Willax – Vocals
Julian Perez – Keyboards
Max Bremer – Guitars
Levi Norris – Bass
Red Martin – Guitars
Truman Berlin – Drums

  1. Two Suns
  2. Night Shift
  3. Sync
  4. Side Effect
  5. 00397
  6. Burner
  7. Wayfinder
  8. BlueDream
  9. Sleeper
  10. Bleach
  11. Lost Hills
  12. The Rid

Kingdom of Giants do not miss a single beat on their new full-length release: Passenger. 

Ever since their first proper album, Every Wave of Sound, received widespread acclaim from the underground metal press, this melodic Metalcore six-piece from Northern California attracted enough attention to land the band management as well as opportunities to play in Europe. After hitting the festival stages there, and a series of headline shows in the US and Canada, they returned to record another album – All The Hell You’ve Got to Spare. This year, they’ve come back blaring once more with a record that is difficult to ignore.

Heavy and hard-hitting, all the while nuanced and intricately woven, the draw of Passenger is immediate. The introduction song, ‘Two Suns’, welcomes the audience to a gunmetal silver cyber-metal world. Electronic elements fuse with distorted instruments, as Dana Willax‘s talent screams for itself – his vocal technique precise and well-pronounced. However, it’s when he follows up with a clean and compelling melodic vocal line that I know I’m hooked. To my delight, he continues this pattern often throughout Passenger, the band as tight as can be and shining through the production.

Themes of regret, sorrow, and questioning oneself run painfully, like a thread of bloody serrated wire, through the album. What can be heard here is honesty, and the emotions stirred by that artistic expression are what songwriting should be. Like running your tongue along the blade of a knife, there’s danger in the meeting between the heaviness of the guitars and the dreamy, Matrix-like synths on songs like ‘Night Shift’‘Side Effect’, and ‘Lost Hills’. Sexy, delicious breakdowns with killer riffs on ‘Burner’ and ‘The Ride’ have me moving my body and head-banging like I’m finally at a live show again, even though it’s 3pm and I’m in fact only in my bedroom. As Passenger comes to a satisfying close, I’m left yearning for a taste of the real thing.

I expect that Kingdom of Giants will continue to gain traction and impress Metalcore fans in the following months and years as they continue on their musical journey. I feel as they refine their sound, we can expect even higher quality and more sophisticated projects to come from the sextet. Check out Passenger on all streaming platforms now, or buy the CD from SharpTone Records!

Review by Kat Knite