Becoming the Lion – Unearthly Creature

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2020
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Band Line Up

Ross Blomgren: Guitar & Vocals
Dan Mazur: Guitar & Vocals
Grant Chapman: Bass
Dennis Paterkiewicz: Drums


01. A Fireside Tale for Those of Inquiry
02. Over the River and Through the Woods
03. The Cavern, The Beast and His Slumber
04. Rise and Fall, a Legend Is Born
05. –
06. Silent Return


Mid Western band Becoming the Lion’s new EP Unearthly Creature has an almost nostalgic feel to it, a sound that reminds me of music from the 2000s.  The songs sound rough and unpolished something that I don’t think is as common anymore, throughout the songs you can get a feel for every emotion that is presented to you.

One of my favourite moments on this EP belongs to track five, an instrumental piece that leads into the last track Silent Return. Using only instruments, Becoming the Lion manage to portray a strong feeling of emotion; which for me was almost hopeful. This is a song I could enjoy listening to for hours on a loop, as I found it very calming.  The sixth track ‘Silent Return’ which follows on from the interlude is equally as beautiful. As soon as the vocals kick in the listener is welcomed into the story that the band tells.

Becoming the Lion

On the other end of the EP, the first track ‘A Fireside Tale for Those of Inquiry’ had me feeling nostalgic for the songs I listened to as a teenager. A punchy sound with great vocals grabbed my attention and I was instantly intrigued to see what this band had to offer. I can happily say they didn’t disappoint.

From the drums in the second track, the guitar in the first, and the vocals that were easy to follow, I think that everything fit together really well. The songs on this EP were all similar but not in a way where it got boring rather in a way where things felt tied together and complete. These songs stand well alone but to experience the EP as a whole and in the correct order I feel was the best way to do it.

Overall I would recommend this EP and I will be streaming it myself once it is released. I really enjoyed the nostalgic feeling it brought me, I can’t wait to listen to it again and again. It’s nice to see a newer band bringing back a sound that people still love.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie