Montréal avant-rock band Fly Pan Am shares a new a/v single, part of the Constellation Corona Borealis Series

Pseudo-legendary Montréal avant-rock band Fly Pan Am shares a new a/v single, “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority.”

Pseudo-legendary Montréal avant-rock band Fly Pan Am shares a new a/v single, “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority.” The sixth entry in Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series, this also marks Fly Pan Am’s first new material since their acclaimed 2019 reunion album C’est ça. The single is accompanied by an experimental film by Charline Dally.

During the lockdown, the band has been trading files at a distance, including experiments with remixes of their Frontera live soundtrack recordings. “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority” is the first fruit of these efforts and a first for Fly Pan AM in terms of process: each chronological section of the track is a solo work by each individual member, remixed in isolation, then stitched together in a mostly linear fashion. The result sounds fantastic and wholly Fly Pan Am – like no other band.

“The social and the mirror is so obvious, being and rediscovering the omnipresent objection of the recovered tendency to the exteriority by a hard, fast object in exteriority. (Re)gaining in self is being personal on temperature differences. Although some aspects of the recovering in exteriority are delineated to a loss of personal autonomy and valorization into pieces”. – Fly Pan Am

(cover art for, hi res version here)
Fly Pan Am
“Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority”
VPseudo-legendary Montréal avant-rock band Fly Pan Am released three LPs and an EP in Constellation’s early years, celebrated for their unique collision of shoegaze maximalism, musique concrète, Minimalist repetition, guitar and electronic skronk, analog tape interventions, and audio sabotage. The group disbanded after an intense and prolific stretch of activity from 1999-2004, with each member going on to flex their creative muscles in a diverse and heady range of solo and group projects. Reuniting in the studio well over a decade later, the four original co-founders rekindled many sparks.

Preceded by a couple of buzzy secret shows, new album C’est ça dropped in 2019: “so dense, hyper-focused, and determined that it forces itself to make sense, altering the listener’s perception of how music works…what a bizarre, absurd, wonderful album…easily Fly Pan Am’s best” (AllMusic); “[a] colourful thunderstorm of motorik bass grooves, restless rhythm changes, sparkling electronics, disruptive static fuzz, and the kind of dense & woozy guitar effects that Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine took whole decades of his life trying to perfect” (The Quietus); “the Montréal experimental/psychedelic quartet is in brilliant form after a 13 year break from recording” (The Vancouver Sun).

Fly Pan Am also composed and performed the live score for the modern dance piece Frontera in 2019. Featuring nine dancers from the iconic dance company Animals of Distinction and light-based scenography by United Visual Artists, Frontera is a stunning, visceral exploration of borders, barriers, isolation and determination – garnering accolades throughout its 2019 run of engagements at hometown premieres in Montréal and Québec City, CTM Festival in Berlin, PuSh Festival in Vancouver, and Sydney Festival in Australia. The pandemic sadly scuttled Fly Pan Am’s first tour in 15 years (to have rolled out in UK and Europe in May/June 2020) along with Frontera’s 2020 world tour schedule.


These long-form singles will drop weekly in Autumn 2020 and Winter 2021 and will be PWYC (no minimum) during the first 48 hours of release. Each artist’s Constellation digital discography will also be specially-priced on Bandcamp during the week of their single releases. The label simply wishes to enable and encourage ongoing discovery, means-based value, and low-carbon-impact support for active artists in their immediate label community – particularly during these trying times, and in lieu of their usual album-oriented release schedule which resumes in Spring 2021.
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