Finnish alternative rock band Seed Husk releases new single from their upcoming album

Handcrafted Finnish rock with grungy guitars and britpop-ish melodies – guitar rock band Seed Husk has released new single “Sweet Nothings”.

Photographer: ​Nora Niemispelto

Listen to the single:


Sweet Nothings is a song about a person who feels a need to dominate the affair and how he/she starts to loose the grip.

Music video is directed and photographed by Nora Niemispelto. Watch the music video:


Seed Husk was founded in Jyväskylä, Finland 2011. Band’s musical roots are in the American, guitar-based rock of early ’90s. The rough-attitude songs have influences from alternative rock as well as grunge, with the hooking and sometimes pop-like melodies.

Seed Husk released their debut album in fall 2015 with very supportive response. In 2019 they started working with the second album. This time with producer Wille Naukkarinen (Ghost Brigade).

Latest song “Sweet Nothings” is released on Spotify November 5th as a pilot single from forthcoming “Triangle” album.

Jouni Kauppinen- drums
Jari Heiskanen- bass
Panu Perkiömäki- vocals
Vellu Virtanen- guitars
Mikko Peiju- guitars