Newmeds – Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Man Demolish Records
Distributor/label URL:
Released: 2020
Band Website:

Band Line Up

Nick Cobley: Vocals
Mark Wood: Guitar
Sam Ruddeforth: Bass & Vocals
Joe Brodie: Drums

  1. Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind
  2. The High Life
  3. Twenty Three



Newmeds first EP “Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind” focuses on physical and mental issues that are faced within the band. These topics are openly portrayed within angry songs that feel as though the band are shouting at the world to listen.

The title track “Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind” begins the EP with an aggressive sound, accompanying heavy instruments are vocals that make you want to listen to the story that is being told, it feels as though they have something to say and are passionate about doing so. This song, much like the rest of the EP I would describe as loud and unpolished, something that was created to grab your attention and make you listen to what’s being said.

Newmeds have a growing reputation as one of the most intense live bands and hearing this EP I could understand why. Their sound for me is reminiscent of Frank Carter and other British bands that have that type of sound. A style of music that attracts mosh pits and people that have built up emotion that they need to release through live music.

“Twenty Three” the closing track, I interpreted to be giving a message of not putting too much pressure on yourself. With lyrics like “We can’t keep living this way, we’re digging ourselves into an early grave.” reminding us not to be too hard on ourselves, we’re only here for a short time, live your life in a way that makes you happy and don’t focus too hard on your inner demons. The music within this song is almost erratic or chaotic giving you the sense that these issues that are spoken about may be something that the band themselves struggle with. This song like the others still holds a hint of anger but doesn’t feel so much like someone shouting a message but more like someone opening up their soul a little and letting you see the chaos within.

Overall I would recommend this EP to people that like that loud style of music that is full of aggresion, something you can let out your frustrations to. For me personally though, I didn’t find anything particularly special within this EP. It tells a good story and I think that the message is important but musically it was too similar to every other band within that style. If you’ve heard Frank Carter era Gallows you know what to expect.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie