Cell Press – Cell Press

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: https://store.nofuneral.ca/category/cassette
Released: 2020
Buy Album URL: https://cellpress.bandcamp.com/releases
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/cellpressmtl

Band Line Up
Cell Press

Sean Arsenian: Guitar, Vocals
Joey Cormier: Bass
Mark McGee: Drums
PQ: Vocals




  1. Piss Police
  2.  Desert Breath
  3. Blackened Out In Verdun
  4. Dead At OACI
  5. My Son Will No The Truth







Cell Press’s debut self titled EP is definitely an interesting listen. I didn’t expect it to take me on the journey which it did. An aggressive sound runs throughout showing that this band don’t play by the rules, they’re making music the way they want to.

“Desert Breath” the first single to come off of this EP opens with a grungy almost punk like riff, the screaming vocals that join hold a sort of controlled aggression. This song reminds me of stuff I would listen to that comes from nineties metal bands.

Cell Press in their own words describe the single “This is sort of an inverted “Immigrant Song” type of riff on steroids. The refrain at the end is hijacked from a Woody Guthrie song. It was the second tune we started working on but the first one that came together and really solidified with everyone”

The first four songs on this EP have a similar kind of sound, heavy guitar riffs and angry vocals. When I got to the fifth song I didn’t expect what I was hearing “My Son Will No The Truth” is so different to the other songs. The almost twelve minute long track takes you on an adventure. Even if you don’t listen to anything else on this EP I would highly recommend listening to this song. The way the various instruments were used was really interesting, it was as though it shouldn’t have fit but yet it did. When the piano part starts about halfway through, the song gains this haunting feeling. This piece was truly fascinating to listen to, even after the near twelve minutes was up I could have stayed and listened for longer.

Another favourite of mine was “Dead At OACI” a song that in my opinion did sound similar to the others on the EP but it felt angrier. From the distorted sounding guitar at the beginning through to the vocals that feel as though they are circling you at the end, this song felt the most put together. It was like every instrument had its purpose and was in the correct place.

Overall, would I recommend this EP? I think there are definitely parts of it that are worth listening to for any heavy music lover. Songs like “Dead At OACI” and “My Son Will No The Truth” I believe would do very well standing alone and in my opinion are great songs. However the songs on this EP were very similar and listening to it as a whole they just kind of blurred into one, till you reach the last track which for me saved this EP.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie

Watch Cell Press’s music video for ‘Desert Breath’ here: