Ghostkid – Ghostkid

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Century Media Records
Distributor/label URL:
Released: 2020
Band Website:


Band Line Up

Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler: Vocals
Danny Guldener: Guitar
Stanislaw Czywill: Bass
Steve Joakim: Drums



01. FØØL
04. DRTY
05. THIS IS NØT HØLLYWØØD (feat. Timi Hendrix)
06. YØU & I
07. SUPERNØVA (feat. Marcus Bischoff)
08. CRØWN (feat. Mille Pertrozza)
10. ZERØ
11. THIS IS NØT HØLLYWØØD (feat. Johnny 3 Tears)



Ghostkid’s self titled album is full of darkness and lyrics that contain a lot of emotion. Mixing this with heavy aggressive music and even some trap like beats, this album feels pretty special, it’s something a little bit different.

The first song on the album ‘FØØL’ opens with heavy guitars introducing you to the tone of the album. I found the chorus for this song to be very catchy, I instantly wanted to be singing along, the kind of song I could imagine a crowd going mental over while screaming the lyrics. It almost feels like a battle cry. With this song we also get our first look at the vocal versatility that ‘Sebastian Biesler’ has.

‘THIS IS NØT HØLLYWØØD’ is a fascinating track. The beginning vocals have a creepy sort of tone to them which is so different from the typical metal screams we hear on other tracks within the album. I also really enjoyed the fact that there are two different versions of the song on the album, one featuring ‘Timi Hendrix’ and the other ‘Johnny 3 Tears’ from ‘Hollywood Undead’. Both featured artists add something to the song making each version something different to listen to rather than feeling like you’re listening to the same song twice. The contrast between the verses and the chorus in both versions of this song I thought worked really well, combining rap with metal, something that has become very popular. I think that Ghostkid have achieved that sound while adding their own spin to it with the unusual vocals provided by ‘Sebastian Biesler’.

Songs like ‘SHARKS’ and ‘SUPERNØVA’ have a more emotional route. For me ‘SHARKS’ was more of an uplifting, hopeful song whereas ‘SUPERNØVA’ was more heavy sounding. In my opinion it’s almost ‘Bring Me The Horizon’- esque and has much darker lyrics, especially in the chorus where I picked out the line “What if I could let it go.”

Another thing that I liked about this album was the use of electronic sounds rather than just being heavy guitars and drums. A moment that really stuck out for me with this was on the track ‘ZERØ’, the intro to this song almost reminded me of something from the eighties. Then heavy vocals kick in aggressively reminding you that this is a metal album.

Overall, I would recommend this album one hundred percent. I think that it is something different but yet is also familiar sounding. There are moments within the album that had me questioning what I was listening to but in a good way. I really like what this band have created and Ghostkid have definitely gained another fan.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie