BRÒN – Pred Dverima Noci

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: NORDVIS
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

KG – Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals
GH – Drums


1. Dverima noi
2. Usnulu zlobu razbudi
3. Zastore skrai


Bròn is a project formed in Scotland in 2014 as a sonic chronicle of the wanderings of New Zealander KG. Bròn’s first three releases featured vast atmospheric black metal, punctuated by extended ambient sections. Lyrically and musically, these works were inspired by the untrodden wilds of Scotland, New Zealand, and Serbia.

Through the cosmic mists, it descends upon us, the new full-length album of atmospheric black metal/ambient act BRÒN: “Pred Dverima Noci” is here. Finding inspiration from the wilderness encountered on founder KG’s voyage from his native New Zealand through Scotland and now Serbia, BRÒN’s fifth LP is adorned with enthralling, majestic soundscapes and endless streams of melodies and harmonies, propelling the listener into the vast expanses beyond the conscious mind.

With three sprawling tracks all clocking in at over 15 minutes, “Pred Dverima Noci” spreads its mysterious, 90’s-harkening blend of ethereal synths, harsh vocals, ferocious blast beats, and thick atmosphere across the planes of time. If your musical preferences include the likes of LIMBONIC ART, EVILFEAST, or DARKSPACE, look no further than BRÒN to bring you home.

The album begins with a strong and powerful synth opening from KG on the keys, but also supplementing the vocals which sit quietly but audible in the background. The build-up of their sections helps establish the atmosphere of the song and prepares the listener for an epic journey through their creativity. Around 3:55, GH’s super-fast drum fills are introduced, throwing in the metal elements to add to this growing atmosphere which is further supported by a mini guitar solo scaling up and down the fretboard.

However, the dynamic changes when a sudden dramatic pause of the drums is introduced with the eerie resonating sounds of bass with swooping phaser-like sounds. This is a welcoming interval to break up the song and make the listener reflect on the brilliance already established earlier on in the song. This is again flipped when the metal elements are thrown back in and provide a decent finisher to the first song on this album.

This ties up nicely with the second and longest song in the album Usnulu zlobu razbudi. Opening with the sound of a resonating overdriven guitar, I felt a satanic/gothic vibe was becoming prevalent when GH’s drums are introduced along with the already present symphonic sounds. This remains an integral part of the song until 6:19 where a pause, similar to the previous song, occurs with sustained synth and bass notes and religious-like vocals are spoken. This adds to the aforementioned satanic/gothic vibe again.

This section doesn’t last extremely long as a sudden drum fill around 7:53 reintroduce’s KG’s vocals and GH’s drums into the foray, but this continues to 12:57 where the vocals are faded out to amplify the synth section again and the bass is put to the forefront again. The rest of the song follows this section from the time to the end of the song.

Concluding the album is Zastore skrai. From the start to roughly around 3:18, the song takes a slower approach with GH using a slower drumming pattern and KG’s vocals scattered throughout. After this point, the black metal elements are added back in. I found this song to be an amazing combination of the previous two songs to create an epic finisher to not only this album but my first introduction to atmospheric black metal.

This album had exceeded my expectations as I had no idea what to expect with atmospheric black metal, but it was an enjoyable variation on the genre and it has sparked my interest to explore more with BRÒN and other bands like the ones I have mentioned earlier.

Review by Rossy Maguire