Interview with Mollo Rilla

Interview by Svetlana Likhacheva

Interview with Marco Ciofani, lead guitar/ lead vocal of Mollo Rilla

To celebrate the coming of the band’s brand new album called Viva El Camino, the creator of the band decided to share some of his thoughts about it. Mollo Rilla is known for their wild and unusual style which blends a lot of different music techniques and traditions together – because they think that is “the musical freedom”.

Mollo Rilla

Firstly, thank you so much for this interview today. You are releasing your second full-length album soon. What kind of story it is going to take us into?

Viva El Camino means long live the road. Each song picks a topic crucial to life and either explores the subject or celebrates it.

 What was the most inspiring thing for you in the upcoming record?

Recording in LA at The Hobby Shop Studio in Highland park. Working with Uncle Bil Lane and Mudrock. Also having written songs that I feel are strong and exciting to play.

Do you create new music altogether, or does everyone prefer to write their own part?

I show up with a song structure then we collaborate on parts.

Your music style is known for blending a lot of different musical styles and a very unusual sound. How would you term your style and music genre?

People ask me that quite a bit. I usually just say that we’re a hard rock band. Then if they check us out they can decide for themselves. Might be sort of a lame ambiguous answer but it’s not my style to spew a bunch of pretentious subgenres. I’d rather people just listen and see for themselves.

Mollo Rilla

 Which track from the new album was your favorite to work on and why?

That’s tough. “Mike Angelo” had some moments where I fell out of my chair from excitement. Scott Gillman played the sax on that track and just completely took my head off. What you hear on the record was his first take. Unreal talent paired with top professionality and an overall kind guy.

You guys are all from different bands. What are the pros and cons of having a bunch of experienced musicians with different styles in one band?

We all enjoy all music. We like to draw from spanish to stoner to metal etc. What binds us together is the love for fun heavy rocknroll. I wouldn’t necessarily say theilre are cons to it. I love what everyone can bring to the table even if we don’t use it at that moment.

Did the way of recording change since your past record? If so, how and why?

We have come much further in our musicianship as a band since we started. We also practiced these songs a lot before heading to LA as to be as prepared as possible and not waste time. As far as how we recorded didn’t change much. Just the change of location and the people we worked with played a positive role in the process.

How do you keep the atmosphere during the writing or recording process peaceful and avoid creative conflict?

I truly believe in the musicians I work with. Also naturally I’m an upbeat guy so while pulling 13 hour days in the studio I try to keep the energy up and positive.

The sound of Viva El Camino’s is considerably heavier than the one in your debut record. Why did you make a decision to create a darker and heavier sound?

Simply because it’s really fun.

mollo rilla photoshoot

You have already released one song from the album. It’s called Night Fang and, to my mind, it’s a very interesting and energetic song. What was behind the decision to release this particular song before the album release?

Everyone had to pick 3 songs that could be a single and “Night Fang” was on all our lists. It’s a bop. A weird bop perhaps, but a bop none the less.

Songs Let Go pt. One and Two are very different songs in both instrumentals and vocals. In addition, they don’t even go one after another in the order of the tracks. Is there any specific story or hidden context behind these two songs?

I write about two different ways one might choose to “let go”.

What are the band’s plans for the upcoming year?

To keep practicing and writing. To keep believing in a brighter better tomorrow from this current hour we live. All of us boys want to tour so we will be doing that as soon as we can.

Thank you for your time, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

This record brought us a ton of joy to make. I hope it brings you even a little joy to listen to.