Mollo Rilla – Viva El Camino

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/labelSeeing Red Records
Released: 2020
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Mollo Rilla cover

Band line-up:

Marco Ciofani: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Simeon Ruple: Keyboards, Vocals
Austin Adams: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Joey Shannon : Drums, Vocals



The Raven
El Camino
Night Fang
Punk Song
Let Go Pt.1
Mike Angelo
Rage The Day
Let Go Pt. 2



The strong fans of musical freedom, Mollo Rilla, are presenting the results of their long and hard work at the Hobby Shop Recording Studio West – Viva El Camino, a dark and eclectic record, raising the crucial life questions, but in a fun and metal way.

The record hits hard from the very first sounds of The Raven – a torn rhythm and exciting guitar riffs tell us from the start, that the record has something to say. The lighter, alternative guitar sound in the middle of the song would have reminded me of Muse, but the immaculate combination with harder metal sound makes this the unique thing and sounds very powerful.

Song El Camino continues and elevates this electric, wild, bursting with energy mood and brings it to a higher level. Instrumentals, lyrics, vocals – everything in this song is perfectly harmonized and balanced, so it hits strong. That song pushes you to do something – dance or at least shake your head. Or to do something more global with one’s life – who knows? El Camino is an absolute banger and definitely one of my favourite songs from the album.

The explosively powerful and energetic mood continues further through the album until the Punk Song – which is my second favourite. It’s very short, but it’s indeed very punk sound is extremely fun and energetic. This one is probably hard, but exciting to play and sing because of the very fast rhythm – a real challenge.

Mollo Rilla

When you put on the next song, you feel like you’re falling from the top of a waterfall into a quiet bay – so calmly the flow of Bliss embraces the listener. Some Latin musical motives, which I noticed since the very beginning of the album, become stronger and more obvious here. The calming and comfortable feeling of a warm and dark summer night surrounds and brings in the philosophical vibe.

The record continues more or less in this peaceful vibe until the end, except for Rage The Day, and finishes with the supernatural and existential Let Go Pt. 2. The ending song concludes the general “life” topic very well and, logically, with the “death” – but there’s no tragedy in it. The end comes in its order as the things should be happening in one’s existence, and leaves a good positive aftertaste of the song and the album in general.

I would highly recommend you check this album out, if you are a fan of a good rock music, awesome vocals and fresh, wild, unusual instrumental choices.

Review by Svetlana Likhacheva