Yungblud – Weird

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: 2020
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Dominic Harrison


1. Theresa
2. Cotton Candy
3. Strawberry Lipstick
4. Mars
5. Superdeadfriends
6. Love Song
7. God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out
8. Ice Cream Man
9. Weird!
10. Charity
11. It’s Quiet In Beverly Hills
12. The Freak Show


You cannot put Yungblud in any specific box and even if you could he’d kick his way out of it! Blurring and smudging all possible lines and probably even ones we didn’t know existed in an absolute eruption of vitality, passion, determination, and pink! When we are all so disenchanted with the world and feel frustrated we need a voice; an advocate, and here he is in all his elaborate, sparkly, kick-ass glory.

Yungblud (real name Dominic Harrison) reaches out his hand with this album and says be yourself, embrace your every quirk, show off your weird, learn who you are, and celebrate it. He has evolved past the searing anger of first release ’21ST Century Liability,’ and is now impassioned and energised having amplified his voice with the help of some incredible collaborations including ‘Obey’ with Bring Me The Horizon and ‘I think I’m Okay’ with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, he now steps forward with a vision purely his own and it will blow you away!

Not only does Yungblud have the vision and the drive to make everyone look up and pay attention, and the aesthetic of a true creative but he has more than enough talent to back it all up – there are no gimmicks here. It will be no surprise then that in blurring lines he also mashes genres together without hesitation. Glam, punk, bubble gum pop, rock and roll, ballads – the list really does go on. It’s a beautiful and powerful musical adventure with one goal – make them listen. Subtlety is in the bin – time to give it to them straight.

With the opening track ‘Theresa,’ Dominic puts his arm around us and we step forward, protected, as we begin our journeys of self-discovery and acceptance. ”As long as I watch over you, you don’t need to run…” he sings. It’s a strong start, and another facet musically from what we are used to, but it doesn’t matter because it always works and it’s a genius approach to the underlying subject of finding yourself – you don’t get there in a straight line but every experience is invaluable and necessary.

‘Cotton Candy,’ the third single to be released from this album earlier this year, is already a firm favourite with fans accompanied by an unapologetic romp of a video through the colourful world of all things love and sex (and everything in-between,) it’s pop and roll at it’s finest and I dare you to not sing along! Staying up-tempo and embracing all things punk is ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ another toe-tapping sing-along banger of a song that dips into the heavier spectrum a little with the addition of some darker guitar work but remaining punk at its core.

This album is full of heart and soul and none more so than ‘Mars,’ a song that resonates with so many. It is inspired by a trans girl he met who’s struggle brought her to a Yungblud show with her reluctant parents who were having trouble understanding her. The result of that experience was their full acceptance of her and who she is. The story is beyond inspirational, showing what a room of passionate like-minded souls can achieve. The video released just last week is poignant and raw, no bells and whistles just unadulterated emotion.

Next up is ‘Superdeadfriends,’ which takes us on yet another twist with an electronic metal feel; it’s blunt lyrics say it how it is – ”when you’re making a baby in missionary, be prepared to accept them for what they’re gonna be!” There is no shortage of raw moments on the 43 minute rollercoaster that is ‘Weird,’ and one such instance is ‘Love Song.’ It hits deep, ”nobody taught me how to love myself, so how can I love somebody else?” is a lesson we all need to learn for sure. Never wavering from his message of celebrating all things unconventional and encouraging self belief Dominic gives us all something to sink our teeth into and run with. ‘Ice Cream Man’ is a heavy guitar riff head nodding delight that will have rooms full of hands raised bouncing happy people everywhere.

We round up with ‘the Freak Show’ its a perfect example of all things Yungblud and, at the time of writing, my favourite track – although that changes frequently throughout every listen! it’s an upbeat close to a real trip of an album and a lyrical last shout to stand firm and never back down from being authentically you.

Yungblud is more than a frontman, more than a singer, more than a rebel, more than a visionary – he’s all of us and we are him. Listen for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Review by Rebecca Bush