Twisted Thing announces ‘Sacred Cement’ EP out now on Corpus, stream it now!

‘Sacred Cement’ is out now on Corpus!

Stream ‘Sacred Cement’ here:

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Twisted Thing’s demo tape from 2018 has become a fan favorite within NYC’s hardcore punk scene. Recorded in the basement studio at D4MT labs, the demo, released on cassette, really highlights their fast and snotty sound. Though entrenched in the international punk scene, their penchant for ass-beating breakdowns straddles hardcore in a way that’s reminiscent of New York in the 90s.

They formed in 2017 the way most bands are started, friends looking for a new way to collaborate with one another. The result was a symbiotic relationship between songwriting and philosophy. Band members Carrie, Lulu, Tay and Jess spend as much time at practice breaking things down about the world as they do writing riffs.

While heavily invested in various communities and musical projects, they wanted Twisted Thing to be something outside of the margins of punk: fun and intentional, messy and complicated.

The band’s influences include an eclectic variety of music and as such, they have as much fun writing short punk bangers as they do intricate and multifaceted songs. The result has been a band that always attempts to avoid the worn paths of the genre.

Their latest release, Sacred Cement (recorded at Corpus studios and in collaboration with legendary punk sound engineer Sasha Stroud) has taken their sound into a whole new territory. Full of racing and spiteful guitar riffs, a rhythm section that is fuller than ever, and vocals that are intimidating and confrontational, this 7” release, out on Corpus, lends itself wonderfully to Twisted Thing’s ethos of chewing bubble gum and kicking ass.

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Twisted Thing

Twisted Thing
Sacred Cement
7″ / Digital

1. Calamity Jane
2. Blow It
3. (I Don’t Want to Go It) Alone
4. Sacred Cement
5. Promise of Penance