Dawnwalker – Ages

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Self – released
Released: 2020
Buy Album URL: https://dawnwalker.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/dawnwalkeruk

Band Line Up

Mark Norgate: Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Dane Cross: Bass, Vocals
Matteo Bianciotto: Guitar
Hugo Terva: Drums



01. Melekh
02. The Wheel
03. Hymn
04. Ancient Sands
05. Numi
06. Burning World
07. Colony. A Gathering
08. The Cataclysm



“Ages” by Dawnwalker combines metal music with a fantasy vibe that makes you feel as though you have entered some alternate world where anything is possible. Creating an album like this gives the listener an escape from their real life yet the songs within could be just as easily addressing issues that we all face in our world.

I really enjoyed the short interludes within the album (Melekh, Hymn, Numi), I thought they worked well at breaking up the long tracks that “Ages” consists of. The first one “Melekh” opens the album and is a beautiful piece that pulls you straight into the fantasy world that “Ages” is all about. It felt to me like I was listening to a fairytale taking place, I could almost picture the dragons and magic.

The second last track on the album “Colony. A Gathering” was a longer one yet I would say it was my favourite. It was a little more chilled out and slow compared to the other songs on the album. I found this one very easy to zone into and get lost in. I thought that the vocals were really suited to this style and the whole sound just fit really well for me. The lyrics did get a little repetitive but this wasn’t a bad thing, it made the song easy to follow.

Most of the tracks on “Ages” are ten minutes long or longer. Each song was heavy yet still kept the fairytale feel. In my opinion the songs had an almost Deftones like sound to them instrumentally, with a lot of changes of pace and a little eratic it was hard to guess where the songs were going to take you next, which made it interesting. However for me I did feel that the tracks didn’t need to be that long. I think I would have enjoyed the album more if the songs had maybe been about half the length. For example “Ancient Sands” I found to get quite repetitive and I did find myself getting a little bored towards the end of it.

Overall, would I recommend “Ages”? I think it has a place and people that typically enjoy those long, world creating songs would enjoy this. For me though, I found the songs being so long made it difficult to stay focussed on the music especially as there wasn’t much variation in the sound, meaning that in my opinion the songs were all really similar. I do think what Dawnwalker have created with the fantasy world within the album is really interesting though. It is something a little bit different and if you’re willing to dedicate some time to really getting inside it then I think it would be worth a listen.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie