Rating: 4/5
Label: Interstellar Smoke Records
Released: 2021
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Cover Artwork “Une promenade dans le ciel“ by J.J. Grandville
Band line-up:

Luzzi – vocals
Roland – guitar
Tomasz – bass
Carsten – drums

  1. Blood Moon
  2. Frightful Pain
  3. December Bloom
  4. Electric Black
  5. In The Circle

Calling all progressive-jam-rock freaks: Everwill by GIANTS DWARFS AND BLACK HOLES is coming this January! These are four musicians coming together intriscally on one album you won’t want to miss.

The birth of this gracious group took place in December 2019 as a fusion of two local bands from the Rhein-Main region in Germany who were endlessly coming to heads with line-up issues. Rather than grinding at something that wasn’t meant to be, these experienced musicians came to a friendly resolution in the form of a common path. The pure rock wickedness of the jams that followed created an energy too uncorrupted and organic to go unheard. This is easily felt in the natural chemistry and ease of the band through the physical efforts they’ve produced for us in the form of this EP. For fans of Budgie, Hawkwind, All Them Witches, Sungrazer, Causa Sui, Samsara Blues Experiment, Kyuss, and Blues Pills… allow GIANTS DWARFS AND BLACK HOLES to enchant your lives!


For 42 minutes be dazzled by the groups improvised jams and progressive classic compositions, rooted in a Heavy Psychedelic Rock base and expanded through a musical cosmos of multicoloured and iridescent elements embodying stoner, blues, progressive, space, desert, acid, kraut, doom, grunge, and jazz. Luzzi has an unmistakable voice that is truly hypnotic and natural, a goddess of this multidimensional soundscape. As she glides through the musical atmosphere, not as a stranger but a microcosm of this universes entirety, creation is bestowed upon the listener through the sheer witchy-ness of her daring delivery. Characteristically unusual and strong throughout the EP, Luzzi is smooth and colourful, in moments fearlessly shaking the air as she breaks through with light yet powerful screams.


As put by the band themselves, Everwill is “a musical journey into the cosmos inside ourselves”. Esoterically driven yet encompassing the greater whole, each musician brings their own beauty to the work. Roland’s guitar maintains a delectable tone consistently, peppering in little licks overtop of progressive layouts, his solos taking that enjoyment to the very next level. Tomasz’s bass keeps us grounded and grooving to maintain the perfect balance between body and mind. Carsten delivers effortlessly on drums, skilful and present as ever, the architect of the dream. Together, the group comes together in five different yet unified tracks proven to invoke your inner feelings.


Amidst tempo and time signature changes, GIANTS DWARFS AND BLACK HOLES blend genres on their new EP while remaining true to their own identity. Perfect for a magical night out or a relaxing evening in either alone or with friends, each song has something valuable to offer. ‘Blood Moon’  is the ten-minute long opener that hooked me from the start. Instantly enchanting, the charm lies in it not being over-produced, and rather reminiscent of 70s style engineering. Spacious vocals bounce off the walls, filling up the moody instrumental behind. ‘December Bloom’ follows suit, sexy as ever, all eight minutes fluent and rainy. Right in the middle of it all, ‘Electric Black’ summons your rocker with a faster pace and riffs you can’t help but move to. Coming in so beautifully after is ‘Frightful Pain’, which starts slow and melancholy, filtered with artsy jazz. Soon however, this all begins to break down into a mysterious and airy arrangement only to finish off nice and heavy – the way we like it! To bring the trip to its grand finale, Everwill closes with ‘In The Circle’. For fifteen minutes, the jammiest song on the EP showcases some of the most interesting aspects of the musicians’ writing. Starting in a swing, the song progresses to a straightforward beat and down into a peaceful quiet with Luzzi once again showing us the mesmerising rock siren she is up until the very end, which boils down to a stunning guitar solo and a final croon from Luzzi before a blues chord puts it all to rest.


This the type of music for those of us wishing to dive into the collective conscious and unconscious with an open heart and allow our spirits to soar. If you yearn to explore, start 2021 off right and make sure you listen to this this EP when it’s out this January.

Come aboard the spaceship of your mind and lift-off with Everwill by GIANTS DWARFS AND BLACK HOLES.

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Pre-order: 15 January 2021 Release date: 22 January 2021


Review by Kat Knite