Grandma’s Ashes – The Fates

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label URL: Blood Blast Distribution
Released: 2021
Buy Album [URL]: To come
Band Website: Facebook

Band line-up:

Eva – Bass/Lead singer
Myriam – Guitar/backing singer
Edith – Drums/backing singer


1 – A.A
2 – Radish Cure
3 – Daddy Issues
4 – Song for Fiona
5 – Outro


Grandma’s Ashes is a girl-power trio at the crossroad of progressive rock and stoner. The band drags us into their heavy and colourful world. Grandma’s ashes is heavy guitar riffs supported by a strong rhythm section which finds its balance between the efficient and the subtle. The songs alternate between calm moments led by a clear and delicate voice, and heavy instrumental technical moments that claim their musical identity. Both are merging sometimes to leave room for dark and trippy atmospheres.

The debut album opens with the longest song A.A. This sets the tone and style of what is to come through this short but powerful album. Its chill guitar notes and melodic vocals create this atmosphere that draws inspiration from the psychedelic and stoner rock days of the past. This subsequently changes in Radish Cure.

The heavy bass and gentle cymbal rides open the song which progressively leads into heavier and faster sections. Throughout this song, I could hear the dulcet tones of Queens Of The Stone Age, which would make sense due to them being an influence for the band. Around 3:12, a great little guitar riff is introduced which materialises into a mini clean solo.

One of my favourite songs on this great album was Daddy Issues. The intro had a similar resemblance to Muse (another influence of Grandma’s Ashes) but little did I know that the majority of the song would maintain this resemblance. However, this would revert to the stoner rock foundations of the album with Song for Fiona.

Concluding the album is the naturally named song Outro. There was a sense of a jazz-like drum fill in the intro with a clean guitar riff backing it, and around 0:32 in, another guitar riff is layered on top of this building up in tempo. This doesn’t last long as towards the “Outro” of the song are slower drum patterns and slower guitar sections, creating a great conclusion to the album.

Despite the album being shorter than a full-length release, it definitely packs a punch with its heavy stoner guitar riffs, tight drum fills, and trippy, psychedelic vocals.

Their first and debut EP “The Fates”  is planned for release in January 2021.

Review by Rossy Maguire