Seth Borsellini – Moodness

Rating: 3.5/5
Label: This Is Core / self-produced
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Seth Borsellini – All


1.) Introduction
2.) Contagion
3.) Moodness
4.) Taste My Hell
5.) Needle and Thread
6.) Surface
7.) That Fog
8.) Chrysalis
9.) A Thousand Times
10.) Triple
11.) The Faceless Man


Italian Industrial alt-metal artist Seth Borsellini has produced his first album ‘Moodness’, a dark and powerful industrial, electric-sounding concoction borne of two themes mood and madness (hence the title).

There are some really haunting moments on the album along with some extremely powerfully charged energetic ones. Its a good mix of melodic and dark electronic combined with all things industrial which makes for a real journey.

There are similarities to the likes of Deathstars and dope in the heavier tracks and I’m definitely sent back to the days of the industrial clubs in London with this sound. For a self produced album it is very well constructed and professional. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to get the project fully funded on Kickstarter but nonetheless he has gone on to release it via Spotify with promise of a CD release soon.

There is real substance here, the tracks are well constructed and beautifully presented; they are thought-provoking and emotive. First single from the album ‘Chrysalis’ has some real Antichrist Superstar-era Manson vibes to it and is accompanied by a music video with some really rich imagery. A catalyst for the albums release it speaks of a need for rebirth, it is raw and emotional.

Second single ‘Taste My Hell’, also accompanied by a music video, is heavy and fierce, with sinister vocals weaving through it. Even though the imagery has been used in many variations it is tried and tested and works here: the video is provocative and although not necessarily ground-breaking it is an enjoyable track to listen to and the video is well produced.

Some quieter, more haunting moments include ‘Needle and Thread’, which is a slow, ominous crawl of a song that trails off with a mournful vocal unaccompanied almost completely save for a very quiet musical trickle in the background, and ‘The Faceless Man’, which is a quiet whisper, melancholy and melodic with a beautiful instrumental heart to it intertwined with choral voices and intricate acoustic guitar work.

The contrast between the songs definitely supports the theme of the title and the title track ‘Moodness’ is a great example of the mix of emotions explored throughout. I’ll definitely be watching for more from Seth Borsellini and am intrigued to see what comes next as he starts out his journey on very firm footing – it’s an excellent first offering!

Review by Rebecca Bush