Stuck Out – Lie Through Your Teeth

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Joshua Walker – Vocals
Ian Browney – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Sheldon Schuyler – Bass
Lachy Lydiard – Drums


1.) Inverse
2.) False Promise
3.) Hollow
4.) Mindless


The new EP from Melbourne rockers Stuck Out is a four track burst of well produced alt rock. This is their first release with Sharptone Records having just signed to the label in October this year. Although still relatively new to the scene they really bring a high quality sound, really together and solid.

Inverse has a very nostalgic 90’s emo / pop punk feel to it. Some placebo-esque riffs and those familiar vocal harmonies all come together to bring a comforting retro twist that’s very palatable. Keeping their feet planted firmly astride the retro / modern border and working both sides to yield great results seems to be these guys’ strong suit, with a strong production value they give us angsty pop punk track ‘False Promise’ a dance along bop that will definitely go across well live. Lyrically full of emotion that translates well, no metaphors just straight talking and relatable.
The vocal harmonies are strong and well executed, the guitar work is, again, nostalgic, as are the melodies. It’s a real solid track that I am sure will be well received.

‘Hollow’ is a darker and heavier offering exploring a little more of their range. It’s a fuller sound with heavier guitar riffs and the now familiar melodic harmonies and a much more powerful and gritty vocal from Josh Walker. It’s almost anthemic in essence with the guitar work from Ian Browney really dominating and creating the darker vibe.

Last of the four tracks is ‘Mindless’, a brilliant offering that’s instantly full of life and well suited to a live set. With featured vocals from the very talented Mikaila Delgado of ‘Yours Truly’, the song is a real highlight. The two vocalists compliment each other perfectly to form a more pop-based sound but that doesn’t take away its edge.

As a first experience of this band I am impressed, they definitely have all the elements required for a great punk rock band and they are super polished and well put together. I am confident that a full length release would be very well received and very much look forward to more from them in the future. Definitely one to give a listen!

Review by Rebecca Bush