Archaic Thorn – Eradication

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Into Endless Chaos Records
Released: 2020
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Band Line-up:

C.L. – Guitar
T.R. – Drums
M.F. – Bass & Chants


01. Into Endless Black Sky
02. Thoughtless Eradication
03. Cleansing Fire
04. Regression
05. Deathmarch
06. Extraterrestrial Blood
07. Impure Desolation


“Total Death Metal” is the summary Archaic Thorn uses to describe the seven tracks on their debut full length release. They go on to talk about how Eradication marks the band’s “strike against the world,” emphasizing their music as a “harbinger of pure violence, death and madness”.

Recorded in just two days at Time and Dust studios (located in Chemnitz, Germany), Archaic Thorn have clearly set out to capture their live performance in all it’s raw intensity. On this point alone the record succeeds. Throughout its running time, Eradication maintains a primal, human delivery that feels completely connected to the musicians as they grind out their lurching, old school riffs with committed zeal.

In contrast to the general pace of the album, the opening track (Into Endless Black Sky) is a steady march. It holds a measured pace, building an initial expectation of Archaic Thorn as being a weighty, doom orientated band. Two tracks in and Thoughtless Eradication uses a brief drum tattoo to blow those assumptions away. From this point we hit a gear that is more akin to classic Morbid Angel. Drummer T.R. uses impressive blast beats to bring the band’s Sabbath influences up to an accelerated tempo and this is where the band hold us for the remaining duration.

Hitting a particularly savage stride on Cleansing Fire, C.L. showcases his ability to rip out a frantic solo over his primordial riffs. Again, on Deathmarch he shines with the sort of idiosyncratic flurry of notes that would make Kerry King sit up and take notice. By this point, Archaic Thorn are absolutely ripping it up. M.F. is bellowing out a formidable roar that climaxes on the driving hardcore of Extraterrestial Blood.

The band brings everything together for their final track – Impure Desolation. Here, Archaic Thorn demonstrate they can use atmosphere, melody and sheer brutality to end on a creative highlight. Across the album, there is a depth to the songwriting that may not be immediately apparent at first, but it reveals itself on repeated listens. Melodies wrap themselves around the morbid verses while rhythmic shifts prevent stagnation setting in to the arrangements. The more I listen, the better this gets.

Overall, Eradication sounds like a death metal album made by those who live and breathe the genre. The album is relatively uncomplicated, but it’s not without sophistication and it has plenty of integrity. There is also a clear passion for metal infused into these songs.

What’s not to like?

Turn it up.

Review By: Beandog