Sadistic Drive – Anthropophagy

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Jusa Janhonen – Guitars
Niklas Heiskanen – Bass
Jesse Rasanen – Drums
Matti Kolehmainen – Guitars


01. Serial Cleaner
02. Internal Putrefaction
03. Acid Vomit
04. Neurosyphilitic Lunacy
05. Run Over and Left to Die
06. Worm-Eaten Abomination
07. Disease-Ridden Pervert
08. Ferox (Victim of Anthropophagous Tribe)
09. Lust For Scum
10. Body Part Puzzle


Sadistic Drive are a Finnish brutal death metal band who formed in 2018 and who are on the Blood Harvest label. They will be releasing their striking debut album ‘Anthropophagy’ on 26th February, 2021 on vinyl LP format. (However, it was released on cassette through Headsplit Records and then on CD through La Caverna Records in the summer of 2020). It is well-recorded and tight and the songwriting is strong. It follows their debut demo ‘Street Cannibal Gluttony’. The title alone tells you what the quartet is all about: Depravity that is sick, slimy and sleazy. 

The band have somewhat of a Bolt Thrower sound at times. Relatively simple and mid tempo riffs often meet grindcore-like beats that are genuinely insane. Wild drum fills are common and the percussionist has a nice groove, making even simple ones sound strangely satisfying. Some more slower sections would be appreciated to make the crazed parts sound even more impressive, however. The grunted vocal delivery is similar too, so if you were disappointed when the group disbanded, you’re in for a real treat. Some of the vocals sound genuinely monster-like, and I for one wanted more of that more intense stuff as it’s different AND cool. Guitar solos are perhaps sadly far rarer than the rampant fills, and when they appear they aren’t particularly interesting and are far from virtuosic, but they do up the tension and they certainly don’t outstay their welcome.

Comparisons can also be made with Slayer, when SD harmonise their guitars in fifths, in a doomy and menacing way. Some of the tremolo picked guitars kind of bring ‘Raining Blood’ to mind. Samples of people getting run over for example, are strangely effective at adding to the atmosphere. As the music is already noisy, you may think the effects would be distracting and messy. Not the case. SD are no technical death metal band but they arguably don’t have to be. (Unless you’re looking for a tech band of course). The bass guitar never really gets a time to shine, it just blends in with background and thickens things, as per usual with much metal. In that respect at least, maybe some more technicality could be beneficial.

In conclusion, this stuff isn’t anything new, but if you’re looking for a relatively non-serious approach to heavy music that isn’t too simple and not too complicated, SD will likely be for you. Sure the band are tight, but don’t be confused – they’re not SUPER tight in that modern, computer ‘perfected’ way, they’re just tight when compared to acts who are raw and sloppy. You could call their style a ’sweet spot’, especially as the notes and drum hits, often slightly ahead of the beat, only add to the excitement. That’s something you don’t really get in much modern music. Maybe the band could have taken the slower tempos to greater extremes for the sake of variety, but the music is very far from boring. Recommended!

Review by Simon Wiedemann