Surut – Surut

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Napalm Records/Petrichor
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Released: 2021
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Band Line Up

Ville Ylinen: Vocals
Ville-Pekka Valtonen: Guitar
Juuso Koskinen: Guitar
Otto Sahlgren: Bass
Mika Salminen: Drums


01. Vihillinen
02. Nousen
03. Hapea
04. Palo


Surut is formed of five friends from Tempere, Finland that play Blackened Hardcore/Blackgaze music. This band is known for their intense live shows and their self titled EP shows off their in your face attitudes with screaming vocals and loud guitar riffs that feel chaotic and aggressive.

My first thought upon hearing this EP was that it was loud, the kind of loud that makes you want to jump up and start throwing things. Everything about it felt angry; like it didn’t want to be contained. Alongside this, there were definitely dark tones to the songs, a level of pain being expressed. This EP in some ways reminded me of Black Dahlia Murder especially in the song Nousen, the second song on the EP for me had that Melodic Death Metal vibe to it.

A moment I really enjoyed within the EP was on the outro of Palo, which is also the outro to the EP. After listening to the dark, heavy, aggressive music that is within this piece the ending to Palo leaves you on a more hopeful tone. I found it to be quite calming which was nice as the EP ended. Palo for me overall did feel a little bit different from the other tracks. In this song there is a part where there is speaking in the background of the song, I found this to be a nice effect and thought it really added to the song.

My main downside to this EP was that I did find the songs to be quite repetitive at times and there wasn’t much variation between the four tracks that are contained within. The intro’s and outro’s on certain songs such as Palo and Hapea were the only thing that I found to really catch my attention. The main bulk of the songs to me were all just the same loud, heavy, shouting type of music. As it is a short EP, I would’ve liked to see a bit of variation or versatility from Surut.

Surut‘s self-titled EP was mastered by Dan Swano. The EP comes available as a 180 gram LP, and a deluxe edition CD with a slipcase. The EP is said to be a soundtrack from current times and I feel like the band has managed to harness that anger and sadness that people are feeling in the current state of the world.

Overall, I personally wouldn’t choose this as an EP that I would listen to regularly but I think that they’re will be people out there that would enjoy this. If you’re a fan of aggressive heavy metal or the likes of Deafheaven, Bosse-De-Nage, or Infant Island then you could enjoy this piece. I just found for me the songs were all just a bit too similar, I like something with variation that is gonna keep me questioning what is coming next and I just don’t feel like this EP did that. From the first song you can kind of gather what to expect from the rest of the EP. However, as I have previously stated there are moments such as intro’s and outro’s which were really nice and the EP does contain some pretty cool guitar riffs.

Review by Kayleigh McKenzie