AMON ACID – Paradigm Shift

Rating: 3.5
Distributor/label: Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records
Release: 26 February 2021
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Band Line up:

Sarantis Charvas
Briony Charvas


01- Intro.
02- Monarch
03- Alien King
04 -Overlord
05 -Fear Of Space
06 -Paradigm Shift


Emerging under the vale of the darkness of Leeds in 2018, the psychedelic doom metal duo, Amon Acid, gives us their otherworldly debut album Paradigm Shift. 

Although self-labeled as psychedelic doom metal, an intrepid listener can find in Paradigm Shift traces of space rock, doom, psych, rebetiko, and Anatolian music. Fans of Spiritualized, Acid Mothers Temple, and old Skullflower as surely as those of the paradigmatic Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre, can find themselves on sure footing with this record. Delighted by the eerie droning overtures of this record, I found myself wondering if it had been originally been written as the backing track to an eldritch ritual.

Intro is a collection of ominous cinematic space-age compositions, worthy of a vintage b-movie science fiction flick.  The second track of album Monarchs by far the most traditional doom record of the track with deeply distorted vocals and heavy, plodding, riffs. Surprisingly, there is something about the vocals that brings to mind early, Sabbath. Taking a sharp one hundred and eighty degrees turn to sixties psychedelic rock and roll is Alien King, infused with eastern twangs, and patterned ethereal electric cascades. This track balances heavy classic metal rifts with lighter interludes to create a unique combination. Overlord once again draws from a 70’s space-age vibe,  with cooky synthy sound effects playing throughout.

Following in a similar vein, Fear of Space is a collection of alien-sounding electronic waves, a homage to old-timey “scary” sci-fi T.V. programs like War of the Worlds or The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This track is far more atmospheric and meandering, in a way acting as something of an instrumental interlude. The record concludes with the titular track Paradigm Shift opening with an almost whimsical collection of star-trek sound effects that ring out beneath drowsy, ominous, guitar riffs. This track is a purely instrumental odyssey, coming in at an impressive 12:42 minutes.

Amon Acid has created a record that truly captures the imagination of the listener, thanks to their ability to world-build through their music. Thanks to their ability to blend so many elements to such a remarkable degree of success they create a soundscape that feels like a Lovecraftian 80s science fiction adventure. They seem to have a precise sensibility when alternating between heaviness and whimsical sound effects. This record is cinematic, atmospheric, completely original, and a resounding success.

Review by Annalisa Orlando