Black Ink River – Through The Unknown

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: GMR Music
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Daniel Wahlström – Vocals
Bosse Karlsson – Guitar
Roger Johannessen – Drums
Anders Modd – Bass


1. Through The Unknown
2. Sulphur Sky
3. No No No
4. Midnight Cowboy
5. When I’m Gone
6. Seabeast
7. Echoes In Me
8. Fools Are Running The Show
9. In A Daze
10. I Am Fire


Forming in 2016, A rock band much in the vein of Mountain or Cream comprised of four men with completely different backgrounds began their epic musical journey under the band name Black Ink River. With origins from Västerås, Sweden,  Black Ink River released their debut album Headstrong in October 2018 through GMR Music Group. This album received great reviews from all over the world and many of the big music magazines praised it. Coming back with a vengeance is their latest addition to their discography called Through The Unknown.

Throughout this new album is an exploration of existential philosophy and ideologies about life and death itself, experiencing a journey Through The Unknown. These ideas are established at the start of the album with a faded guitar riff supplemented by kick drum/tom hit fills. This helps create an atmosphere for what to expect in later tracks.

This is apparent as soon as you hit Sulphur Sky. The elements of classic heavy rock are present and the band’s influences began to pour in. I did find myself lightly headbanging to this track. This tone carried in straight into No No No which I gained a Steppenwolf vibe based on the sound.

From Midnight Cowboy to In A Daze, the album took a slower tempo approach but maintained decent guitar riffs and drum sections. Within these tracks, I could easily hear the influences of The Beatles and Hendrix spread through with a sprinkle of ZZ Top for good measure. However, one track I particularly enjoyed was When I’m Gone as it had a similar resemblance to Black Sabbath’s work in 1970 which would make sense, given the band’s influences and style.

Concluding the album is I Am Fire which picks up the tempo to be reflective of Sulphur Sky and No No No to drive this album full speed into an epic finisher. Despite this being the first time of listening to Black Ink River, this new addition has demonstrated their talent and development that sparks my interest in following them and hopefully attend one of their gigs!

Through The Unknown is released 29 January 2021 on vinyl LP containing ten tracks and on CD containing twelve tracks with two bonus songs.

Review by Rossy Maguire