The Lylat Continuum – Ephemeral

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2021
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band lineup:
Chrys Robb – Vocals ,Keyboards
Chris Garza – Guitars, Programming
IanTurner – Guitars
Evan Sammons (Last Chance to Reason) – Drums
Jordan Eberhardt (The Contortionist, ex-Scale the Summit) – Bass


1.Into the Vast
4.Level 5
6.Sector Y

The Lylat Continuum are a prog rock/metal outfit hailing from Denver Colorado, made up of a union of experienced musicians who have been in bands such as Last Chance To Reason, Contortionist and Scale The Summit. They formed in 2016 so have been honing their craft over the last four to five years and began the writing process for this album about three years ago. It’s no wonder that an album such as ‘Ephemeral’ takes a bit of time to put together; it’s also an introductory concept album based around a wounded ‘mobile suit pilot’ that is basically tripping out.

Fun concept, and The Lylat Continuum have provided some interesting -not exactly fun- music to take us through the experience. I say it’s not fun as it’s not really about inspiring physical movement but to encapsulate and transcend experience of the listener to align with their concept. I get it and there are some good moments but I just don’t get enthralled by this album, but it is rather different to most music that you may come across. Musically, there is a lot to talk about with each member of the band bringing their prowess to the fore, but sometimes I just think it’s a bit too much or not enough at times.

Sure, who doesn’t love a good polyrhythm, something that drummer Evan Sammons provides in abundance throughout, but the serenity of the music just clashes with the heavier parts at times. It’s as if some of the guitars build up to this crescendo but it just ends a bit flatly like at the end of ‘Epyon’. Sure it’s over twelve minutes long already but it finally felt like it was going somewhere then it just ends. This is one of two tracks over ten minutes long on the album so patience is required but there are rewards too.

If you are just into the heavy stuff then there are plenty of moments and ‘Libra’ might just be the track for you since it is consistently the most heaviest of the tracks. In all fairness, these musicians are rather sensational and definitely fit the bill for ultra-prog metal fans. I can hear the influences the band members all bring and together, they have brought out a very interesting piece of music. There’s even a guest saxophone solo courtesy of Rivers of Nihil’s Patrick Corona who adds some more tranquility to the mix. ‘Ephemeral’ is one album that requires careful attention and focus when listening to get the whole picture. Always a pleasure to hear something different at least, so kudos to the band and I wish them the best with this project.

Review By Pete Mutant