HERMANOS announce their deal with Epictronic!

Darkwave Duo Hermanos are glad to announce that they have signed a deal with Epictronic for the release of their album “A Different Love”.

Watch the signing announcement video here:

“A Different Love” Tracklist

1. Your Words
2. A Rainy Day
3. I would be with you
4. All Your Lines
5. Blinding Love
6. Rage
7. A Different Love
8. Sliding Light
9. That Moment
10. Sand & water


Hermanos” is the latest project of the Brussato brothers who return to production with a new work entirely realized by the duo. The sound of “Hermanos” is a mix between the new wave/rock sounds of the 80s, the electronics and the passion for soundtracks.

The idea is to combine the most “spleen” and rock spirit of the early “U2” with a vague dance electronics. The lyrics tell of never linear loves, with mixed and complicated feelings, as only love can be. Love for life and for everything it brings with it, including pain.

The single “Different Love” is a tribute to the Rockets.

Hermanos are:

Roberto Brussato: guitars & Piano.
Giorgio Brussato: bass, synth. & samplings, vox & backvox

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