ÆVANGELIST – Dream an Evil Dream III

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: https://www.deadseedproductions.com
Released: 2021
Buy Album: http://store.deadseedproductions.com/products/690980-vangelist-dream-an-evil-dream-iii-digipak-cd
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/thetrueaevangelist

Band line-up:

Matron Thorn – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Noise
Stephane Gerbaud – Vocals


1. -Ævangelist -Dream an Evil Dream III











Aevangelist are a black metal band, founded in 2009, and on Dead Seed Productions, who will be releasing their latest album ‘Dream and Evil Dream III’ on 22 February, 2021. As the title suggests, the one track record is the third part of a journey into melancholic darkness. The mastermind behind the act, Matron Thorn, (also of Benighted in Sodom, and ex-Bethlehem) has released a number of acclaimed records, has collaborated with many great artists, and has performed many mysterious and secretive gigs. Now he is back with a new line-up, featuring vocalist Stephane Gerbaud (ex Anorexia Nervosa).

The hard to predict structures and relentless waves of notes that bring to mind spooky thoughts and ghoulish conversations certainly are rather dream-like. The almost complete lack of breaks in the music further contributes to the concept. The music is like a Hell that’s literally impossible to escape. Great! Making things ‘worse’, that Hell goes on for a good 46 minutes and 9 seconds. That’s not to say there’s no development, however. Things start off pretty scary, but well timed, frequent increases in tempo that shock, only add a sense of panic. Decreases in tempo don’t make the listener feel at all better. Things are very up and down. Maybe the release would be improved in some people’s eyes, if there was a gradual and consistent buildup of tension, but the album does end on at least a bit of a climax, before some disturbing ambient vibes. 

At about 20 minutes and 30 seconds through the piece, you get your first true rest from the heavier instrumentation. However, don’t think things lighten up, as the ambient atmospheres are even creepier, if anything. One and a half minutes later come the most extreme blast beats yet, completely taking the listener by surprise. Again, some would like a clearer sense of direction, I’m sure but the musician’s writing has a mysterious and hard to understand dreamlike nature in many ways, as it stands, so either approach works. Perhaps if I was the composer, I would make them the first such beats, to make them clearer highlights, but that’s a nitpick. The fact there are two guitars playing two different things most of the time only adds to the complete insanity and surprising amount of depth and intelligence. It’s not easy making two ideas work together.

In conclusion, before checking out this stuff, you need to understand it is supposed to be surreal. If you don’t you’re going to think this is some of the most random stuff in the world. The album starts off reasonably trippy but ends up getting more and more disjointed, so you better not mind when your head gets messed with! Having said that, if the first sections were more basic, that would make the last ones sound even more intense. There are a few BM bands at least that have a similar progressive and epic style, but Aevangelist seem to be doing something new with their wild and dreamy structures. This stuff seems to be aimed at more intellectual black metallers, so don’t expect a thrill-fest you can get into in seconds. This is the kind of material that needs to be carefully listened to before you can truly appreciate it. Recommended!

Review by Simon Wiedemann