Blutengel – First single “Nobody’s Diary” from the upcoming album “Fountain Of Destiny” is out now!

First single “Nobody’s Diary” from the upcoming album “Fountain Of Destiny” is out now!

Blutengel Album pre-orders launched!

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Single ‘Nobody’s Diary’ // Album “Fountain Of Destiny”
Out Of Line Music
12 March 2021

Listen to the new single “Nobody’s Diary” now HERE!

Blutengel dedicate themselves again to the eighties and present ten iconic songs from this musically formative decade in their very own style on the forthcoming album “Fountain of Destiny”Blutengel succeeds in an impressive balancing act, while respectfully retaining the original essence of the song and at the same time infusing each track with their very unique touch. In addition, two brand new Blutengel songs are added as bonus tracks, which fit perfectly on the new album “Fountain of Destiny”.

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The cover songs were handpicked by Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann and are those tracks “that appeared to me to be out of this world from today’s point of view“, Chris explains with sparkling eyes that you only get when listening to the music of the eighties, “together we thought about which songs we wanted to cover. Of course, I had a long list from the start :-). After all, Ulli was actually just born in the 80s, but she nevertheless loves that time.

Reflecting on the background of the first single release, “Nobody’s Diary” mastermind Chris Pohl states:

“She really wanted to do the song from Heart and I really wanted her to sing something from Yazoo! Since we already covered “Don’t go” with Terminal Choice, the next big hit for me was “Nobody’s Diary”. Ulli was immediately enthusiastic because she appreciates Alison Moyet as a singer very much. And Ulli’s voice fits suuuper to the song! When I told Ulli that we would release this number as the first single, she was completely thrilled ;-).”

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The fact that “Fountain of Destiny” could now become a real Blutengel album after all, which was initially announced as an EP/mini-album, is owed to the commitment of the label, Out Of Line Music, as well as the artists themselves. “We, unfortunately, had very few clearances at the end of the year…. together with the label, we decided to wait a little longer and give the copyright holders another go,” informs Chris. And that paid off! And as Chris Pohl confirms “there are now 10 tracks and plus my two own Blutengel songs we even have 12 songs now – which is absolutely perfect for an album. Sometimes patience is worth it!”.

Whether it’s the emotional “Forever Young”, or the already in the original wonderfully twisted “Dr. Mabuse” or the dystopian “Down in the Park” – in each of the cover versions you will find heart and soul, which offers a sheer delight for both the ears and the spirit combined at the same time with skilled musicianship and a natural feeling for creating the perfect sound.


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