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Released: 2021
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1. Thy Ravenous Storms
2. Reaping Fires












Majestic Mass are an underground black metal band on Helter Skelter Productions/Regain Records and from Denmark, who will be releasing their 12 inch maxi single ‘Onwards’ on 16th March, 2021. The band made their public debut with their LP ‘Savage Empire of Death’ in 2018. It was rocking and raucous and effortlessly created, so it’s no surprise they strongly attracted their label’s attention. Onwards can be described as a two track fury that’s the bastard son of Barathrum and Death SS. It’s laced with haunted house organs and bravado. It could easily be performed in huge stadiums or even in small underground clubs. 

This stuff is surely the lightest and most upbeat black metal I’ve ever heard. The only real BM thing about it is the screamed vocal delivery. Yep, there are no blast beats, tremolo picked guitars or even dissonant harmonies, whatsoever. The most brutal things on offer are moshable, yet still mild power chord sections. The music has more of a classic rock feel, if anything. It’s kind of 80s sounding. This will probably offend the band, but it almost has an early Bon Jovi vibe in places. Naturally I’m referring to their heaviest and fastest stuff, but they don’t go too crazy, do they? The bright synths in the style of Deep Purple and the tasteful rock solos distance the group from BM even further, as do the punky early Iron Maiden style riffs, sometimes heard. Needless to say, if you’re looking for an opportunity to worship Satan, you’re going to be very confused.

Don’t think the above sounds stupid however, (it really could do, couldn’t it?), as this is a well written and above all, fun release. However, that doesn’t stop the musicianship from being tired. Say if you took Aerosmith and copied them, but replaced the singer with a screaming madman. Would that really be something to be respected? I’m sure there will be many classic rock fans who will hate this stuff, and there will be many BM fans who think this stuff is dumb, but more open minded people should realise it’s ok to be a bit wacky every now and then. I’m sure Majestic Mass will be able to handle any criticisms, as they seem just as macho as any other rockers. So don’t mess.

In conclusion, be prepared. This is NOT what most people will be expecting. You could call the singing innovative in this form, but it’s not exactly a work of genius. It’s just a weird take on rock. Because of that, I’ll be scoring the release in the way I’d score an ordinary rock’n’roll CD. Nothing about it offends the ears (though obviously the singer might if you’re not used to shouting), but there are no super catchy riffs. I hate to bring up Bon Jovi again (and I’m sure many people will hate that too), but Slippery When Wet had killer hooks like in ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’, making it a lot more enjoyable. This stuff is recommended, but as there are only two tracks to listen to, don’t get too excited. (Yet, I’m sure they’ll be back with more! Or just check out their SEoD).

Review by Simon Wiedemann