Released:  March 2020
Director:  MJ Dixon
Distributor:  101 Films 
Cast:  David Hon Ma Chu, Oriana Charles, Dani Thompson, Will Jones, Lee Mark Jones
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Film Rating: 18

Pandamonium is a 2020 British slasher horror based in an office block about a guy in a panda mask killing off staff and their ‘entertainment’ at an after-hours office party. The story is based on the new girl ‘Oriana Charles’ who is forced to work late while her boss and the guys on ‘level 6’ throw a party focussing around a promotion they all want. The guys like to work hard and party harder which means convincing the security guard to turn a blind eye while they bring out the booze, drugs and strippers.

It’s soon clear the strippers aren’t the only one’s there for entertainment as the ‘panda guy’ serial killer soon arrives and starts to take them down one-by-one.

Right from the start I knew I would enjoy this film and was laughing within minutes! It is a low budget film and apparently the distributor listed the budget at £150,000 but it was made only on £4000 but to be honest I don’t know if that would’ve improved it as the low budget was part of the charm.

The acting wasn’t that bad either and the film was a lot more enjoyable than first anticipated. I really enjoyed the slow-motion fight scenes and the funny one-liners and comebacks, even if some were so cringe-worthy. If you know your movies, you will pick up on the film references throughout and some were really funny and written well into the script, making you feel the film should’ve been called ‘Pundamonium’ :p

Business is war and war has its casualties!

The film is actually part of another film series called ‘Slasher House’ which was listed in the credits, so I will check that out too.

For a rating 18 slasher flick, I would’ve liked to have seen more gore, blood and boobies, which you usually have in these kinds of movies to offset the comedy and if maybe the panda guy had a more deeper, sinister voice and that you never got to see his face, which was only shown out of focus once briefly, but felt it would’ve been better if the camera had just panned away instead.

The ending could’ve been more dramatic too with a better fight scene as it seemed to lack the excitement anticipated but Pandamonium really is one of the best low budget serial killer comedies I have seen in a while and one I would watch again while drinking with my mates as I know they would all enjoy it!

Definitely worth a watch!! [Not sober]

‘This panda means business’



Review by Jo Blackened