SciFiSol – Alien Tung

Rating: 2.5/5
Released: 2021
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Christina Broussard – Everything


1. Aversion 2
2. Bite The  Hand That Feeds
3. Just a Game
4. Dreamzone
5. Baby I’m An Animal
6. NIN
7. Veil Slipped Off
8. Hypnosis Black Ocean


Without knowing anything about SciFiSol before listening to their 2020 release, ‘Alien Tung’, I wasn’t completely certain which dimension I would be entering and as it turns out, it’s a dark and broody, ambient dimension of synth and gloomy vocals.

We begin our journey with ‘Aversion 2’ a dark gloomy and ambient in feel, classic underground club sound. Christina Broussard, the brainchild behind SciFiSol, sings throughout, with a breathy, and whispering tone, luring us into her record. While the track itself doesn’t exactly build, it maintains a steady flow throughout its course, reminiscent of the backing track of a club scene in a movie. It’s clean and carries with it a slight sense of unease, which, I’m sure as I continue through this record, will be a prominent theme.

Track.02, ‘Bite The Hand That Feeds’, has a little more life in it, with a beat that pulses throughout and keeps those shoulders bouncing. Lyrics are scarce, as singer Christina repeats the title of the song along with ‘do I have your permission?’ repeatedly. I’m not overly sure on the intent of the track, but it flows well and once again fits that ambient genre, it could play in the back of a club quite nicely on repeat.

As I sit and listen through more of ‘Alien Tung’, I realise now that this is entirely an ambient record. ‘Just A Game’, could go on forever and I wouldn’t know / mind. It’s haunting, it’s smooth and ethereal at times. ‘Dreamzone’, feels as though I’m falling, weightlessly, down into the darkness of a void, and the whispers of those that reside within it reach out to contact me. ‘Dreamzone’, isn’t so much a song, but a collection of spoken word, gloomy ambient sounds, and a dark sense of foreboding. Out of all the tracks, if you can call this a track, this is my favourite so far. It’s dark and spooky and confusing, and honestly, I really like that. I feel like ‘Dreamzone’ perfectly sums up what SciFiSol is trying to achieve.

Track 05. ‘Baby I’m An Animal’, breaks the mould slightly, and brings a marginally, very slight increase in tempo and beat to the record. I can’t say it’s enough to make me sit back and say ‘wow!’ but you can feel a slight change in direction. I say a change in direction, but it’s still heading towards the same place.

I sit and listen through the final tracks of ‘Alien Tung’, taking in all the dark and atmospheric samples that SciFiSol has to offer me. I feel as though I’m floating through the weightlessness of space, hearing the eldritch whispers of something hidden away, and I don’t hate it. Finally, we come to the end of our surreal and ethereal journey with SciFiSol and the album ‘Alien Tung’ with ‘Hypnosis Black Ocean’, and straight away I’m pulled further into the darkness as I’m met with another surreal soundscape like ‘Dreamzone’. In a way, the final track is no different than the rest of the songs on this record, nothing really changes throughout the course of this album, and that’s fine if this sort of dreamy, dark sound experience is what you’re looking for. I find parts of it that I really enjoy and parts that I find slightly tiresome, but overall, it is an interesting experience to be a part of and I’m interested to see what else SciFiSol can produce.

The overall experience of ‘Alien Tung’ is enjoyable, I’m not overly sure of its replayability as someone not overly fascinated by the genre, but I’m sure for those in the strange and surreal loop of artists like this, they will be coming back repeatedly to be transported once more through the bizarre and gloomy dimensions of SciFiSol.

SciFiSol – Alien Tung was released 10th December 2020.