Released: 2020

Director:  Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart

Distributor: Wildcard (Ireland), Apple Inc./GKIDS (United States

Film Website: https://www.wolfwalkers.movie

Cast: Emma Whittaker, Sean Bean, Simon McBurney, Tom Tiernan, Jon Kenny, Jon Morton, Maria Doyle Kennedy

Genre: Animation, adventure, fantasy

Film Rating: GP

Review Rating: 4.5/5

wolf walkers


Set in the 17th century Ireland, Wolfwalkers is another stunning animation adventure signed Cartoon Saloon.
Directed by Tomas Moore, previously nominated for an Academy Award, and Ross Stewart, “Wolfwalkers” is a story about magic love and nature, a mythical adventure able to resonate deeply even the social media era.

The movie sees two different worlds collide: on one side there is Robyn, a bright and adventurous young girl who dreams to become a hunter like her father Bill, and, on the other, Mebh, a fiery child of the forest, a Wolfwalker, who is waiting for her mother to wake up from a deep sleep, and lead the pack to safety.
Wolfwalkers are, in fact, unique creatures who look like humans and are gifted with extraordinary powers: they can heal wounds, control the pack and assume the shape of wolves in their sleep.

The adventure starts when Bill Goodfellow, summoned by Oliver Cromwell, moves to a new town in a remote corner of the countryside with his daughter Robyn to hunt and kill a pack of wolves, responsible for some attacks in the area.
Despite Robyn’s dreams of following her father’s footsteps, the girl is relegated to house duties, from which she secretly escapes to follow Bill in the woods; it is the depth of the forest that she meets Mebh, discovering a new world, with brighter colours, new shades of meaning and an unknown part of herself.

The vivid colours, combined with the delicate and yet vibrant 2d animation create a unique universe where magic is almost tangible and nature unfolds like a neverending watercolour in front of your eyes.
While we follow the adventures of the two girls, we realise with them how the two worlds are all and one, and differences vanish in favour of love, friendship and trust.

“Wolfwalkers” is a delight, “Princess Mononoke” and “Brave” come to mind, but the movie has its own soul, and what a stunning one!
Duality soon turns into unity, togetherness and a new sense of belonging, closer to Mother Earth: don’t be fooled by the word “animation”, “Wolfwalkers” is a story for everyone, pure beauty for the soul of adults, children and of those who are not really sure about where they belong (yet).