WitchTit – Intoxicating Lethargy

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2021
Buy Album: https://witchtit.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/witchtit/

Band Line-up:

Justin Hill – Bass
Patrick Cotter – Drums
Reign – Vocals
Daniel Brown – Guitar
Nate Stokes – Guitar


01 – Silver Tongue
02 – Crimson Tide
03 – Intoxicating Lethargy
04 – Traveler
05 – Home Invasion


North Carolina Doom-mongers WitchTit are about to unleash their debut album Intoxicating Lethargy unto the world after testing the waters via a split EP with Etiolated, but it’s a very different band that walked into the studio this time. With a new vocalist in the fold, Reign, WitchTit begins to find their footing as a unit on their debut album.

Consisting of 5 earth-shattering lengthy doom tracks, Intoxicating Lethargy is an impressive debut record, filled with plenty of doom metal influences and tropes yet original enough to stand out amongst a sea of their peers within the genre. Oozing with influences from Black SabbathCandlemass, and Witchfinder General, the band is able to find their own identity thanks to a piercing, soulful, and raw vocal performance from Reign.

‘Silver Tongue’ drips with confidence as the plodding Sabbath style riff crawls into being, and at the halfway mark the track erupts into an uptempo jolt of heavy metal goodness with an explosive guitar solo. The production is spot-on as well for a doom metal album; just the right amount of fuzz and distortion with a slight echo and reverb on the vocals. If Sabbath recorded their debut album today, it would sound like this.

The shortest song here, ‘Crimson Tide,’ still clocks in at 5:40, and I’m not overly keen on the vocal delivery and melodies here, but that’s more of a nitpick than a real criticism. Musically, the track sounds like a Candlemass greatest hits, filled with mountainous riffs, pounding drums, and several different passages within the song. I was surprised to find the track doesn’t have a guitar solo, as a lead section drenched in reverb and wah would’ve sounded great, but that’s more of a selfish viewpoint. It’s classic doom metal through and through.

The lengthy lumbering title track is an intense exercise in all things doom and gloom, and in its closing minutes WitchTit seems to borrow slightly from Mastodon, and it’s nice to see the band acknowledge the stylings of more modern metal bands and mix them in with sounds of old to create something unique to WitchTit. If the title track isn’t for you, then stop listening. This near eight-minute track is a monster and could be daunting for the uninitiated, but this is the sound of WitchTit.

‘Traveler’ and ‘Home Invasion’ follow much the same formula of glacial first halves before speeding up for an intense and gloomy finale, but that’s just doom metal, and if that’s not your thing, you won’t like this at all. For the doom metal fans, however, there is so much here to love and you will not be disappointed. Intoxicating Lethargy is an intense and impressive debut album that potentially trades accessibility for dedication to the cause. I think a little more variety to song structure in the future will do WitchTit a world of good, but this is a strong enough platform to launch from.

Review by Jack Merry