Anime Torment – Void Terror

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Slovak Metal Army
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Karel Košík – bass
Michal Nepustil – drums
Jiří Czeller – guitars
Michal Beran – guitars
Ondra Svoboda – vocals


1. Easy Pray
2. Void Terror
3. Lure
4. Witching Hour
5. Veil Of Darkness
6. Midnight Ritual


In all the years I have been following extreme metal, I can tell you that the term Brutal Death Metal is something of a “mixed blessing.” It can either give some of the most jaw-droppingly horrific death metal imaginable or can offer a band who make boring slam and chugging breakdowns with songs that are boring, forgettable – and in some cases – downright offensive.

But the Czech Republic has birthed a band that deserves said title because they impressed this critic with their intensity both musically and conceptually. The first thing to note is that the new EP “Void Terror” is not clogged up with annoying breakdowns, which is what made me hate slam and deathcore in the first place.

Each tune flows in a manner akin to the regular purveyors of the death metal genre yet packs as much brutal and blood-soaked punch to please anyone with a liking for music based around general terror or putrid bodily functions. All tunes are about the horrors seen in life and surrounding the ever-frightening idea of death and what’s on the other side.

Anime Torment, who sadly are not influenced by Japanese animation if you were wondering, has taken all the best elements of the original death metal canon and the more angry and volatile subgenres and aligned them together like a finely researched science experiment.

This isn’t an experimental band, but they know where to look when it comes to writing songs about fear, death, being preyed upon and the nightmares experienced by the average joe day-in-day-out. Overall, you will be impressed that this is a band that doesn’t sound like other brutal acts that have clogged up the scenes arteries with forgettable tunes that are simply brutal for the sake of being brutal.

Anime Torment deserves good credit for their work and Void Terror is no exception. Great work, lads.

Review by Demitri Levantis