Intonate – Severed Within

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: Willowtip Records
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Jean-Philippe Matte – Bass
Dominic Nucciarone – Drums
Ulysses Fiorito – Guitars
Nicola Nucciarone – Guitars, Vocals


1. Sever
2. Within
3. Yearn
4. Wander
5. Prolong


I cannot say I’m well acquainted with the French-Canadian metal scene, nor am I aware of there being a particular sound emanating from Montreal or the neighbouring cities – but I have to say I was sent one of the worst representations of that state’s metal qualities in the form of Intonate’s sophomore album “Severed Within.”

This review, I am very sorry to say, might sound uninspired, but that really is the only way to put this album into words: uninspiring. I felt the only need to rate this record was because the band managed to put a whole album together, which is also very uninspiring.

Firstly, the musicianship is not terrible, and I do not want to put this band down as they definitely knew what they were doing. In all the years I have spent reviewing tech-death records, I think musicianship has to be its biggest selling point and Intonate are no exception. Chords and drums that wouldn’t look out of place on a decent prog metal album told me this band is made up of good musicians, but even the best of composers are capable of producing dull material.

A death metal firestorm is how the Canadians describe their 40-minute output, but this fire was the kind I could not control if I were a firefighter. As is the case with a lot of tech-death, my attention got lost very quickly in each track apart from the penultimate tune “Wander”, which exhibits some progressive melodies that almost saved the album from sinking into the depths of boredom.

Sadly, that one song was not enough, and I am again stating that this is an uninspiring album made by a good band and I’m certain there are many metalheads reading this who know I’ve missed a lot. This sadly is what occurs if the wrong man is sent for the job so I sadly fall into that criteria.

Keep up with making music, Intonate as you might win me over one day. But for now, you severed any interest that might have existed within me.

Review by Demitri Levantis