Medieval Demon – Arcadian Witchcraft

Rating: 2.5/5
Released: 2021
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Medieval Demon - Arcadian Witchcraft album art

Band Line up:

Sirokous -Vocals
Mutilator- Bass
Lord Apollyon -Drums, Keyboards


01. Meet Her Majesty, The Black Queen
02. Mystics of Ritual Madness
03. Mundus Est Diaboli
04. The Grand Archon
05. Nocturnal Gates Through the Night
06. Seeking Blood in the Blackness
07. Arcadian Witchcraft


Melodic black metallers Medieval Demon were formed in Greece in 1993 by brothers Lord Apollyon and Sirokous. A few demos later, they recorded their debut album, Demonolatria, in 1995 though did not release this sonic glorification of Satan until 1998. Following this, Medieval Demon retreated into the stygian gloom from whence they came. They re-emerged in 2018 and continue to belch up more arrangements detailing Satanism, Vampirism, Death, Evil, Necromancy and more macabre romance than an Ancient Greek myth. Their 21st-century line-up includes Mutilator, original bassist of Rotting Christ, who brings additional expertise and panache to the songwriting process.

The past is most certainly alive with Hellenic black metal maestros again crossing the river Styx to present another arcane occultic offering of heavy metal-tinged melodic black metal fresh from the 90s. Medieval Demon are not afraid to more than flirt with elements outside of orthodox black metal with the avantgarde influencing heavily. A velvety black yet macabre atmosphere abounds, accompanied with the liberal use of church organ and keyboards Both the vocals and keyboard flourishes are reminiscent of early Emperor.

Arcadian Witchcraft showcases an opulent and flamboyant brand of evil with spoken word sections, cavernous occultic chants lending the theatre of a Satanic Cabaret show, with the iron fist of their metal roots clasped beneath the black velvet glove. The album is well put together and the vocals and musicianship certainly pass muster. The Avant-Garde aspects bound around with the heavy-handed exuberance of Cerberus, the 3 headed canine guardian of Hades. At times this threatens to nudge the performance into a comedy or farce send-up of the Occult rather than a sincere dramatic spell.

A listenable album if you’re into extreme metal or the occult and seek something a that explores less well-trodden areas of the Left Hand Path. Also great for fans of organ music as this has it in spades.

Review by Rosemary Beaumont