Exterminated – The Genesis of Genocide

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: https://www.comatosemusic.com
Released: 2021
Buy Album: https://comatosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-genesis-of-genocide
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ExterminatedPH

Band line-up:

Ace Estandian -Guitar / Drum Programming
Myke Pardo -Vocals


1. SystematicHolocaust
2. ImpulsiveDecimation
3. Detrimentum
4. MurderousIntent
5. GraveForTheSlaughtered
6. InevitableAnnihilation
7. ChaoticDimensionOfTheInsane
8. AbyssOfTheDead
9. TheArtOfMutilation




Exterminated are a brutal death metal band from The Philippines and on the label, Comatose Music. They will be releasing their first full length album ‘The Genesis of Genocide’ on April 9th, 2021, and it is for fans of Cerebral Bore, Chancroid, Guttural Secrete, and Pathology. It follows their 2016 demo album (simply called Demo 2016), and their 2018 EP ‘Elements of Obliteration’. It is ‘the sound of mankind unmasked in all his bestial glory, the trappings of modern life torn asunder and discarded in the slurry of guts.’

The drums here certainly may take some getting used to. They’re clearly programmed and don’t sound real at all. The snare sounds more like a cowbell than anything else, and you get a lot of snare, here. When there are drum rolls on the instrument, it almost sounds comical, as it’s just so weedy. Having said that, they’re not ‘St. Anger’ bad. The guitars are super down tuned, and the riffs are certainly brutal, but all the songs are in almost exactly the same style. And by ‘same style’ I mean REALLY. It’s just one continuous riff fest that goes on and on. The album IS exciting and the vocalist’s growl is impressive, but its entirety could well have been written, programmed and performed in a couple of days. A very busy two days for sure, but it would be possible. A week would definitely be doable.

Some riffs are more impressive than others, with their notey nature and the guitarist clearly has solid dexterity, but the music is in some serious need of guitar solos and a more sensible/creative programmer. Having said that, the more extreme beats are at least KIND of highlights. They’re not amazing, but they do add to the excitement in a way. Maybe some more extremity would be desired. (In appropriate, well-timed areas). Instead, the drums are just as much a forgettable blur as the guitars. As the percussion is so relentlessly crazy, few things stand out. If the programmer made more beats simpler, he wouldn’t have to bother making other ones more intense. 

In conclusion, this is pretty dull death metal and you’ll probably only want to hear one song, if that. The sound gets old very quickly, and the musicians do next to nothing to solve that rather big problem. There are no hints of black metal, prog, etc., it’s all very pure. If that’s what you’re into, fine, but you shouldn’t be. 😛 Not only is the album not worth buying, it’s not really worth your time listening to, unless you are all about pure aggression and nothing else. The Berzerker are a similar band with seriously wild, clearly fake drumming, but they pull the ultra exciting style off, wheres Exterminated aren’t quite so well-judged. They don’t have that special something, whatever that is.

Review by Simon Wiedemann