Escumergamënt – …ni degu fazentzescumergamënt e mesorga…

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2021
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Escumergamënt - degu fazentzescumergamënt e mesorga...

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It is almost impossible to keep a line-up a secret in 2021, but we try to do our best to keep a low profile when it comes to Escumergamënt. Since what we create is so different from our past work, we don’t want any wrongful preconceptions that could cloud the experience.


01. Of Old Night And Winter
02. To Envy The CorpsesI
03. Antediluvium
04. I Sang Of Murder
05. The Grievous Miracle
06. Black Ash And Ruin


Escumergamënt is a newborn band hiding long-standing musicians from the Swedish black metal scene, with an essential, old-school approach. The arrival of Escumergamënt has been a long and clandestine journey, starting about five years ago and finally rearing its ugly head with this release. The album is composed of six songs, each one a key that opens a far greater concept, should the listener wish to plumb the murky depths.

Choosing to take a break from the usual range of grim and trve languages used as a conduit for Black Metal albums, Escumergamënt have derived both their name and album title from an obscure and fading language from Southern Europe called Occitan which had its heyday in the medieval era. Escumergamënt means “Abomination,” and the album title is a short passage taken from a longer text found in the Holy Bible. Continuing with the smoke and mirrors, the band promises that those curious about old languages and solving riddles could decipher this and find out certain parts of the overall concept.

The first lyric, “Of Old Night and Winter,” and the last, “Black Ash and Ruin,” are a beginning and an end of this cycle, the former being about the deep-rooted wish to extinguish all the stars in the universe, the latter a story about the last lingering souls left gazing into a universe devoid of all light and life. Harking back to the lo-fi sound that defined the second wave of Black Metal, ni degu fazentzescumergamënt e mesorga…was recorded live in a small wooden chapel during winter. The band feels the discomfort of the plunging temperatures enhanced the atmosphere and creativity. The recording was captured on reel to reel tape, without triggers and click tracks, producing a very analogue recording, complete with errors and all.

A band member primes the would be listener:
Expect eerie and obscure black metal with a different kind of darkness than your typical juvenile black metal band. Conceptually we work with riddles and clues, inspired by authors such as Arthur Machen and Clark Ashton Smith. We want the listener to receive something way more substantial than just a slab of music with lyrics and layout that are there just to be there. Secrets are to be found for those eager to travel into the starless nights.

The album opens with a foreboding and moody atmosphere with plaintive synth riffs shortly overlaid by gnarly shrieks above mid-tempo discordant riffs. There are some tempo variations but overall, there is no rush, and instruments are handled with the due care and attention of one summoning something very nasty from the abyss. Riffs are aesthetically pleasing, if somewhat repetitive. This lends to the ritualistic and raw atmosphere and does not detract from the listening experience. Tracks run to the long side for black metal, with many songs exceeding the 6 minutes mark.

This is melodic black metal that really stands out from the crowd, deftly creating cold and atmosphere, like fingers or freezing fog entwining in a distant forest. The infusing of mysticism within the language, lyrical themes, and band members’ anonymity speak of them being driven by a greater, all-encompassing evil.

Stand out tracks: Of Old Night And Winter, I sang of murder, The Grievous Miracle

For fans of: Setherial, early Emperor, early Burzum, Mephorash, Mgla, Arckanum

Review by: Ro