In Asymmetry – Ashes Of Dead Worlds

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Darren Cesca – Drums
Darren Joy – Bass
Taylor Wientjes – Vocals
Victor Araneda – Guitars


1. Whom Prey On The Weak
2. To Him Be The Glory Forever And Ever
3. Hatred Towards TheHoly Creature
4. Forged By The Ancient Entity
5. Ashes Of Dead Worlds
6. In My Own Image And Likeness
7. Emancipation
8. Thou Art Prayed By The Nazarenes
9. Sense Of The Diabolic


In Asymmetry are a brutal technical death metal band from Chile and on the Comatose Music label, who will be releasing their debut full length album ‘Ashes Of Dead Worlds’ on May 7th, 2021. It follows their 2019 demo ‘Edge of Divergence’. Drummer Darren Cesca also plays for Deeds of Flesh, and vocalist Taylor has played with The Faceless, The Kennedy Veil, and Inanimate Existence. IA are for fans of Deeds Of Flesh, Brain Drill, and Decrepit Birth. 

Put simply, this album is flippin’ noisy. Very well performed with difficult riffs and drum beats that need a hell of a lot of stamina to play, but very bad news if you’re recovering from even a mild headache. I’m sure that’s the point of the band, but the chaos goes on and on, from start to finish, (apart from one mellow section lasting a few seconds) making the album only for the REALLY hardcore. Again, it won’t be so much the heaviness that will put many people off, but the monotony of one very overpowering style. More slower tempos are somewhat rare, which will be a bit of a letdown for breakdown fans. And all metalheads like a good breakdown, right? Just like the faster sections, the more ‘relaxed’ ones (I know that’s not a great word choice) are fairly typical. 

The mellow clean guitars I hinted at earlier, in ‘Forged by the Ancient Entity’ are a little on the weird side, when accompanied by death metal drumming, but it is different at least. If such ideas were expanded upon, IA could have pioneered a new genre: Clean death. However, the way they only last a few seconds is not so good. It would be like watching a horror film and seeing a happy face appear for a second and then disappearing. Why is it there? It’s just random. 

In conclusion, this is pretty good for what it is – a non stop chaos fest. There is skill in the performance, but not so much in the songwriting. The latter is overly typical and all songs sound roughly the same, but to be fair the band pushes the boundaries more than most. When it comes to insanity, the band get a solid five stars. It’s hard to imagine them taking things any further. If the drumming was even faster, it would turn into a kind of humming noise (a la Henker), paradoxically weakening the sound. So there you go. IA can’t be much heavier. Is this recommended? Well… Are you brave/mad enough? Go on, listen to it. I dare you. :O

Review by Simon Wiedemann