Golgotha – Remembering the Past – Writing the Future

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: Xtreem Music
Released: 2021
Buy Album: https://xtreemmusic.bandcamp.com/album/remembering-the-past-writing-the-future
Band Website: www.golgothaofficial.com

Band line-up:

Amón López – Vocals
Vicente Payá – Guitars
Samuel Morales – Guitars
Andrew Spinosa – Bass
Tomeu Crespí – Drums


1.) Don’t Waste Your Life
2.) Helpless (2020)
3.) I Am Lost (2020)
4.) Elemental Changes (2020)
5.) Lonely (2020)


Golgotha is a doom band with some history behind them, and this EP, Remembering the Past – Writing the Future, is all about that history, as well as what comes next.

The band was actually formed almost 30 years ago in 1992, with some active and inactive periods between then and now. Recent years have seen the band going through a number of line-up changes, as well as the release of 2019’s Erasing the Past, and now this latest EP, which feels like it seeks to acknowledge the band’s past while also working to move forward and cement their current identity. It consists of 5 songs: 4 re-recordings of older material and 1 brand new song, “Don’t Waste Your Life”.

What strikes right away about Golgotha’s sound is the rich variety and expansiveness it offers so readily. They’re a doom metal band, but are evidently comfortable mixing it up with different sub-styles of dark music. There’s doom metal crush paired with gothic gloom, symphonic accents sitting snugly alongside brittle death-doom touches and melodeath melodies. It may sound like a string of genre tags on paper, but that’s just how much of a flavourful musical meal is provided here for any fan of dark, doom-laden music.

There may have been some lineup shifts of late, but this end result is a band clearly so sure of their footing in this style, they know just what they’re doing. Along with the willingness to dabble in spices and flavours from all over is the ability to put it all together successfully. Remembering the Past – Writing the Future is an album with the crucial knowledge of when to pull back or shift gears. It’s grim, oppressive, dark, melancholy and stirring, all at just the right times. Rather than getting stuck in one repetitive approach, Golgotha know just when to be crushingly heavy and when to go for a gentler refrain, taking a breath before bellowing out another anguished roar.

The centrepiece of it all is Amón López’s absolutely spectacular vocal delivery. We’re treated to some viciously guttural snarls (as showcased in the band’s early track, “Lonely”, or “I Am Lost”) along with a deliciously deep baritone with that calls to mind the eroticism of Moonspell (see new song “Don’t Waste Your Life”, or the mid-point mark of “Helpless”). It’s some superb range and keeps things interesting throughout.

The end result here is a captivating and emotional exploration of some treats from Golgotha’s back catalogue, as well as the promise of what’s to come further down the line. This EP can sit comfortably alongside the likes of Paradise Lost or Draconian in how expertly these guys can craft melancholy hooks and immersive musical journeys.

Review by Kieron Hayes