Liar Thief Bandit – Deadlights

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Mikael Jacobson – Guitars / Vocals
William Grube -Drums
Niklas Dahre –Bass


1. Deadlights
2. Brand New Day
3. Good Enough
4. Catch and Release
5. ‘Cept the Truth
6. Limitations
7. Feather
8. I’ve Got A Lot Of Money Comin’ In
9. Forever The Optimist
10. Silver Tongue
11. Right From Wrong
12. Hindsight




Liar Thief Bandit know rock and roll, and they have encapsulated a heady mix of good old fashioned 70s style and gritty grunge together with a real raw rock feel to create 12 tracks of sun shining, window down, wind through your hair goodness with latest release ‘Deadlights’.

”After humble beginnings in 2015 making demos and playing those first crucial shows, the defining journey took off in late 2016 when the self produced debut album “Gun Shovel Alibi” was released. Extensive touring followed and the band’s DIY ethics brought them to numerous European countries during 2017. Their lightening, energetic live show caught attention and left the audience wanting more”.

And more they have provided! Starting out with the title track they are off to a roaring start, this over four minute romp is a perfect showcase of their combined talents. Brilliant in its simplicity, impressive guitar licks, infectious beats and strong vocals combine to make an impressive opener.

The rest of the album although not overly versatile is packed with power chords, hearty rhythms, impressive guitar licks and some seriously infectious hooks and choruses. There are dashes and pinches of all sorts mixed into this concoction such as Thin Lizzy with its 70s vibe and a touch of the Offspring and Green Day, there’s even a little hint of rockabilly running through it – all good things that mix well.

The album maintains a steady pleasing momentum without becoming monotonous, after all who can be bored with upbeat optimism and a rocking beat!

”The hectic tour schedule influenced the three piece to write, record, and deliver their sophomore ep “Straight Ahead” released in August 2018 quickly followed by three European tours putting Liar Thief Bandit on the map as a Hard working rock’n’roll band to reckon with.”

And it’s a deserving title with instant hits on the track list such as ‘Forever the optimist’ and ‘Brand New Day’. The production value is top notch, producer Erik Sunding did a blinding job in making the whole thing really pack a punch, it’s smooth and polished whilst remaining gritty and edgy – top notch!!

This album is a live show in a bottle, it’s crowd jumping, fists pumping, head bopping greatness. It’s not familiar because I’ve heard it before, it’s familiar because it’s pure rock and roll and you can’t mistake that when you hear it!

Review by Beck B