Cult of Luna – The Raging River

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Red Creek
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Magnus Lindberg – Guitars
Johannes Persson – Guitars
Andreas Johansson – Bass
Thomas Hedlund – Drums
Fredrik Kihlberg – Guitars, Vocals
Kristian Karlsson – Keyboards


1. Three Bridges
2. What I Leave Behind
3. Inside of a Dream
4. I Remember
5. Wave After Wave


Sweden’s cross-genre marauders, Cult of Luna have returned with their latest EP “The Raging River” which is, in my eyes an odd classification for a release that clocks in over enough time to constitute a full-length album. But, given the strength and curiosity piquing finesse of this new release, I can safely say it’s a good one – and that’s all that matters.

Opening track “Three Bridges” opens with some sinister use of brushes on the snare drum before descending into a raging audible maelstrom with vocalists Johannes Persson and Fredrik Kihlberg yelling like they have been shot in the spine with a hail of arrows, before slowing in pace and reaching an eerie crescendo that would please any keen post-hardcore fan. Track two follows in this manner, continuing the melancholia these Swedes have concocted for the metalheads who love variety in their music.

The third track “Inside of a Dream” offers clean vocals, adding existential shadowing into the atmosphere the band are known for creating over their long and storied career. Anyone reading this who knows Cult of Luna well will know what I’m talking about and if this is your first time hearing them, I would recommend this release.

“I Remember” and “Wave After Wave” close the release with a good balance of sludge atmosphere and rage from the strings and bass guitar that would make a noise rock fan smile. My only criticism of this part of the release is that it goes on a little too long – a drag for someone whose palate consists of raw black metal and dungeon synth (of which there are some good similarities on this record).

Overall, give The Raging River a shot if you’re a veteran fan or want to know Cult of Luna more, these guys have mastered their art and are putting a great deal of effort into their work which this release signifies. Well done boys.

Review by Demitri Levantis