RUACH RAAH – Misanthropic Wolfgang

Rating: 2/5
Released: 2021
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1. A1. Ceremonial Flagellation
2. A2. Bones Return to Soil
3. A3. Luciferian Legions
4. A4. Misanthropic Wolfgang
5. A5. Filthy Spirit Underground
6. B1. Scythe of Human Generis
7. B2. Skulls Cracked
8. B3. Inhale the Smokes ov Hate
9. B4. Satan my Master







Ruach Raah are a Portuguese black metal band on the Signal Rex label, who will be releasing their highly anticipated third album ‘Misanthropic Wolfgang’ on 30th June, 2021. It will be available on vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. It is their most brutal and foul album yet since forming a decade ago, and they remain just as old-school and organic as before. ‘Panzerfaust’ era Darkthrone and early Celtic Frost influences are clear. It’s so horrible in fact, chances are, this album won’t be for you. (Not my words).

I know the band are going for a brutal sound (how original, right?) but the constant power chords get a bit much. They just go on and on and on. That’s pretty much all there is to the music, harmonically speaking. (Actually I think there are absolutely no other kinds of chords, ever. I don’t even think there are any single notes, either, until the fifth track!) That’s a shame as black metal is actually largely known for it’s inventive, if not innovative chord progressions. From the album’s description above, I’m assuming the point is to sound as unappealing as possible, but can you think of many people who like to be sonically tortured? (Ok, ok, that music’s not THAT bad, but you see what I’m getting at). Personally, I can’t. The material could be worse, though. At least the guitars experiment with different intervals (i.e., the gaps between various chords). If they didn’t they’ be REALLY screwed.

Sadly there are no highlights in this album in my opinion, as all tracks sound more or less the same (apart from of course track five, with its occasional single notes I mentioned), but on the plus side, there are no relatively weak tracks. Ok, I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit. Track seven ‘Skulls Cracked’ has the closest thing to a true, catchy riff on the whole release with its (shock horror) single note ideas that get mixed with more power chords. That doesn’t sound like a highlight to you? Well to be clear, it’s the best the album has to offer. The release isn’t truly terrible, the musicians can perform perfectly well at least, and the music isn’t totally bizarre, but rather than being exciting, it’s more annoying. 

In conclusion, the band have achieved their goal of sounding horrible. Well done. That’s not a unique angle, I’ve heard of absolutely DEMENTED black metal no one in their right mind could ever enjoy, but I guess the band are at least trying. They do experiment with different rhythms and you get frequent tempo changes, but you kind of get that stuff, just revving a motorbike, so who cares? This album IS recommended, but only if you think power chords are the best thing in the world ever, and you simply can’t get enough of them. You must be absolutely OBSESSED with the chords to enjoy this album.

Review by Simon Wiedemann