French darkwave solo project Halo’s Eve announce the first EP – Listen here!

After more than twenty years in several bands covering all music genres, from Artefact’s Black Metal to Press Gang Metropol’s New Wave, Sébastien Bernard decided to create his solo project « Halo’s Eve », his own way to explore a more personal musical path.

The seclusion of the recent lockdown was the trigger of this introspective and cathartic work. His experience as a sound engineer and producer allows him to conduct the whole project, from songwriting and performance to production and mixing. Wishing to tie his music to a strong visual experience, he associates with director Florent Guinle on the “Pharos” music video, a collaboration they wish to expand in the future.

The first EP “Pitch Black Heaven” will be released on June 18th, 2021.



Full EP Stream: