The Presence

Released: 2014
Director: Daniele Grieco
Music by: Stefan Mohr
Cast: Liv Lisa Fries, Matthias Dietrich, Henning Nöhren
Genre: Horror
Film Rating: 15
Review Rating: 2/5

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First Reformed

Released: 2018
Director: Paul Schrader
Distributor: A24
Film Website:
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried, and Cedric Kyles
Genre: American Drama
Film Rating: 15
Review Rating: 4.5/5
*Please note this review contains spoilers!*

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Only Lovers Left Alive

Released: 2013
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Distributor: Soda Pictures
Cast: Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasilkowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin
Genre: Vampire/Romantic
Film Rating: 15
Review Rating: 4.5/5

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The Nun

Released: September 2018
Director: Corin Hardy
Distributor: Warner Bros Pictures
Cast: Demián Bichir/Taissa Farmiga/Jonas Bloquet
Music By Abel Korzeniowski
Genre: Horror
Rating: PG/13
Film Rating: 2/5

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Agnostic Front; The Godfathers of Hardcore

Released: 2017
Director: Ian McFarland
Cast: Roger Miret, Vinnie Stigma, Agnostic Front
Genre: Documentary
Film Rating: 3.5/5

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Captain Marvel

Released:      2019
Director:        Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck
Distributor:   Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Cast:              Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law, Annette Benning, Clark Gregg, Ben Mendelsohn, Lee Pace
Genre:           Superhero/Action
Rating:          12A
Review Rating: 4/5

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