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Asking Alexandria – Stepped Up and Scratched by Jo Blackened


Allele – Next To Parallel by Jo Blackened


All Else Fails – The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been, by Jo Blackened

Band Members:
L-R – Seedy Mitchell – Bass/Backing Vocals
Barrett Klesko – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Tom Wolf – Drums
Mike Sands – Guitar (Photo Credit – Tyler Branston)
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Alcest – Les Voyages De L’Âme by Jo Blackened

Band line-up:
Neige : guitars/bass, synths and vocals.
Winterhalter : drums
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Akarusa Yami – Ouroboros by Jo Blackened

Rating 3.5/5
Track Listing:-
Millennium Is My Salvation
The Fallout
Comfort In Amputation
Change Reflects
Third Eye, Wide Open
Day (1)
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Aiden – Some Kind of Hate by Jo Blackened

William – Vocals
Angel – Guitar
Zombie – Bass
Jake – Drums
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